Overcoming the Inertia of Human Nature

If it is true that history repeats itself and there is nothing new under the sun, why then do you insist on judging your circumstances and others? Can you simply observe without interpolating, comparing, drawing conclusions, or asking yourself “How can I get the most out of this?” Can you watch and listen objectively, act unselfishly, and willingly accept the people and things that compose your circumstances are as they are at the moment?

I think you can. More than that, I think you should. It will change your life for the better. Let’s take a closer look:

Judge objectively.

Think about your day. Not just any day, but today. How many times did you pass judgment on the people you observed or the situations you encountered? How many times did you sit in contempt, rather than in compassion and in criticism, rather than in support? Now think about the most influential people in your life. How did they address you? With criticism and contempt or compassion and encouragement?

Now think about tomorrow. Tomorrow is a tabula rasa, a clean slate. While what happens to you has probably happened sometime, somewhere in the world, you can meet it with a fresh perspective and an entirely new spirit. You have the opportunity to handle that which comes your way creatively, with your unique fingerprint, no matter what happens. No matter how it is packaged — it might be ugly, arduous, monotonous, easy, fascinating, or exhilarating — you can and must give your highest and finest. There is no reason to complain, blame, or regret. The nature of the circumstances are beside the point, how you handle them is the point.

Act unselfishly.

Most people never emerge from the self-centered, childish state where circumstances are interpreted through the “what’s in it for me” filter. Selfish observation begets selfish action. Selfish action gives rise to mediocrity and triviality. Even if you attain a high office or material wealth, your victory will be hollow if you have done so on the backs of others.

If, on the other hand, you act unselfishly in all matters, you’ll begin to see everything in a new light. Your vision will increase. You’ll see valuable starting points in your circumstances that you might previously have overlooked while wearing the blinders of self-concern.

Willingly accept your external circumstances.

Your circumstances are what they are. They may be restrictive or they may be ripe with opportunity. No matter how they are configured, accept them as they are. Not forever, but for now. As certainly as the earth will move in its course through the heavens and the atoms that compose it will continuously associate in new forms, so too shall your circumstances move, morph and evolve. They may constrain to greater confinement or to greater liberty. Either way, they are what they are at the moment.

The question, then, is not whether or not they are good for you or others, whether or not you deserve them, or whether or not they are fair. The question is, “How can I most creatively handle these circumstances exactly as they are configured?” Time spent judging, condemning, bemoaning, or wishing is time wasted. Willingly, nay, enthusiastically embrace them as they are. Meet them in appreciation and you will unlock their reward.

In conclusion.

History only repeats itself because of the inertia of human nature. Human nature is, by nature, egocentric. When you cease judging subjectively, acting selfishly, and rejecting your circumstances, you transcend human nature in that very instant. You relinquish your unquestioning devotion to the the army of lemmings whose mantra is: “I’m only human. Don’t expect me to be perfect. What can one person do? If anything can go wrong it will. Life sucks and then you die.” and you awaken to the state of beauty, abundance, and fulfillment that lies in the core of each and every circumstance.

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