The Bottomless Pit

The dawn of the digital age marks the unlocking of the bottomless pit, the vast body of knowledge, misinformation, facts, fabrications, data, truths and lies shared in what has come to be known as “the cloud.” It is a cauldron of all things, real and unreal, and it boils continuously in the sea of man’s extended, increasingly digital consciousness. Morning, day, and night smoke belches from this pit and wafts through the minds of men, carried through his eyes and ears on digital packets cast into the memesphere by the mass media, malicious agents, and even by well-meaning common men.

This smoke of the pit chokes out all reason by darkening the air and the sun. This smoke decreases visibility and clarity of vision in people like you and me, making it harder to discern truth from lies, facts from fiction, real news from fake news. It was once written: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” We live in such a time.

Where, for instance, can you turn for unbiased reporting? Whom can you trust implicitly to convey the facts of a matter without prejudice, be it political or socioeconomic? I cannot think of a single reporter or news source that is truly impartial and it is seems clear that the strongest opinions on this topic are the least likely to be grounded in truth.

If anything what the digital age, and more specifically the internet age, has revealed that it is nigh impossible to discern truth when consciousness is informed by judgment and clouded by opinions. Sifting through the news these days, be it on Daily Kos, The Daily Wire, Fox News or CNN, feels more like watching competing soap operas than it does true news reporting.

Clearly, judgment and opinion have supplanted discernment and wisdom in our current state of consciousness. The news is no longer the revelation of truth. Nowadays the media has resigned itself to titillating saturated minds with sensationalized, warped summaries of largely irrelevant events. Newscasters, be they professionals or amateurs, do little more than stir the bottomless pit and blow smoke in our faces.

True news should constrain to greater vision and a deeper awareness of our meaning and purpose. It should connect, not divide, for truth is never in conflict with itself. There may be conflicting opinions and opposing facts, but truth is not relative, it is absolute. True news would not encumber, rather, it would liberate. It would lift the lid sufficiently to let the light shine in a way that melts prejudice, softens opinions, dispel that which obfuscates the accurate perception of reality.

True news would not be funded by advertisements, neither would it revolve around the selfish interests of a privileged few. It would appeal to and be carried on the wings of men who seek wisdom above money, fame or power. It would be immune to corruption, protected by honesty, fortified by humility and invigorated by compassion.

Would you read such news? If you are like most, it might be a little challenging because you are addicted to the drama, even though you know it is not conducive to a healthy state of mind or a tranquil heart. We have fed this monster, but we can starve it too. The choice is ours. The choice is yours.

Truth will always out. Why delay its revelation?

3 thoughts on “The Bottomless Pit

  1. This is a great article! I think the further you scrutinize media, the closer you come to realizing there is simply no such thing as unbiased news. Whoever funds mass media corporations is ultimately in control of what gets published, and–from a philosophical perspective–what our conceived “truth” is. I completely agree that we should strive for producing media in the way you described, I just hope that it is possible. The consumers who fund the news will only hear what they want to hear, and I’m sure this skewing process will only be exemplified if we continue to treat the media this way in the future…

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    1. Well put. There is also the matter of media consumption. Consumption (demand) drives supply. We are getting what we ask for in more ways than one. Truth is almost always somewhere between what is presented in the surface.

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  2. Joshua

    Let’s do it, let us starve the beast, but fuel the truths revelation. Let us begin anew a channel of broadcasting that is governed by truth, uncorruptable, and drama free.
    Let us let it be so.

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