Attention and Agreement

Of all the things under your control that determine the trajectory of your life, there are two in particular that stand out: attention and agreement. Put simply, you move in the direction of your response. Your life takes shape around that in which you invest your attention. If your attention is wholly centered in outer …

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Human Suffering

Suffering is not necessary, but it is a fact of life these days. We as a race have accumulated hundreds if not thousands of years of dysfunction, which is caused by living based on the judgment of surface appearances rather than living according to the underlying reality of being. That disconnect is the root of …

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Hall of Mirrors

Mankind has largely become a hall of mirrors, each man reflecting the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others around him. Very little original thought is found in this maze of confusing images. Tiresome clichés and stale opinions jump from mirror to mirror as people parrot one another in a chorus of sameness and history repeats itself, seemingly ad infinitum. But there's hope!