The Art Of Virtue (Exercise Book)

Yesterday I promised myself that I would prepare an exercise book in the manner described by Benjamin Franklin. He conceived this as a means of developing in himself the habitude of virtue.

In a time where we as a nation and a world are being divided, where brother is being pitted against brother, and where insult, accusation, and blame are the first responders to real and even contrived (aka “fake”) circumstances, I feel strongly that we must unite in the resuscitation and consolidation of individual and collective virtue.

Here it is!

Week one is ready to begin on Sunday, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Join me?


Does virtue in others inspire you? Are you desirous of acquiring the habitude of virtue? Do you like working with others to mutual improvement? If so, I’d like to invite you to join me in a 13 week exercise contrived by Benjamin Franklin nearly 300 years ago. It’s quite simple, really, and I’d love to work with you on it.

Here’s how it works. We will work with a list of 13 virtues and spend one week focusing on the mastery of each one. I will distribute a table for you to print and use, so that you may keep track of your progress along the way. All that I ask is that you share your experiences regularly, either directly with me via email or in comments to this and  future posts on this exercise.

If you are interested in moving through this exercise with me, please complete the form below. I look forward to sharing and living more virtuously with you.

One more thing: I encourage you to invite others whom you feel might enjoy doing this with us!

A Serving Heart

Every instance of good service ever given came about because of the serving heart of someone who was genuinely interested in promoting the well-being of one of his or her fellows.

The serving heart is not concerned with self-service or self-aggrandizement. Moreover, the serving heart realizes that fulfillment comes only as others are assisted in the discovery and realization of their fulfillment.

Isn’t this how true love works? If you are deeply in love with another person, you are more concerned with their fulfillment than you are with your own. You think about their needs constantly and seek to provide for them in any way possible. You don’t do it because you are told to do it or because you feel you will get something from it if you do; rather, you do it because you are compelled from deep within to give of yourself without any concern for pay or reward.

The serving heart is available to each and every person on earth. You need not be in love to be of service, but you must be willing to submit yourself to love’s command, that is, to the will of love.

What qualities are often attributed to love? Radiance, warmth, generosity, forgiveness, compassion are but a few, and the will of love is the golden thread which weaves through all of these qualities of character and expression. It is easy to see, then, why letting love command your expression leads to a life of fulfilling and meaningful service.

Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash


“All things are ready, if our mind be so.” -William Shakespeare, Henry V

A few brief thoughts for you this morning on how to mentally prepare for what is to come, whatever that may be:

  1. Regarding the unresolved or worrisome elements that hide like muggers in the shadows of your mind, say to yourself (and to them directly) with the full force of your mind and heart: “you matter not to me.” Attention gives weight and assigns importance.
  2. Regarding your present circumstances, acknowledge and give specific thanks for the starting points at hand. Again, attention gives weight and assigns importance.
  3. Regarding #1 and #2, your mind will either be a pristine showroom or a junkyard based on how you deal with the present and the past. Give weight and assign importance to what truly matters and not to what is no longer relevant or beyond your control.
  4. Regarding those around you, remember that you would worry far less about what they think if you realized how infrequently they think of you.
  5. Regarding the unknown, dare to risk curiosity and more importantly, dare to act. Action catalyzes courage and courage is the basis of all forward movement.

Get yourself ready, my friends. Opportunity knocks!


“A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Every single circumstance you encounter is an opportunity to see a jumbled rockpile or the image of a majestic cathedral in the midst of being built. What determines your perspective more than anything is the nature of your contemplation.

I’ve often repeated, “what has your heart has you.” And what has you colors your view of the world.

If you have tended to focus on absences, on what you wish you had, or what you feel is missing in yourself or others, what is lacking will loom large in your view. If, on the other hand, you contemplate what is available here and now and give wholehearted thanks for it, the evidence of the presence of greatness and beauty will fill your heart and mind as light fills a darkened room.

If you’ve had the privilege of standing at the foot of holy sites around the world, whether man-made or gifted by nature, I dare say that more important than what you felt in their presence was what you carried in your heart at that moment. The same is true for your interactions with people. Stop basing how you feel and act on your judgments of the people and circumstances around you.

You have the power to render the ordinary extraordinary, to transform the mundane into the marvelous, and to uplift the secular into the sacred. That power – love – lies within you; it is your birthright.

As Robert Louis Stevenson said, “Mankind was never so happily inspired as when it made a cathedral.” My friends, if you’re not happily inspired in any given moment, you might well ask yourself: “How thoughtfully am I contemplating the world around me? Moreover, “For what can I give thanks, here and now?”

The construction of your cathedral depends upon it.

Hello world!

Well, friends, I am back! It’s been a great few years…I’ve learned, loved, lived, lost, won, grown and I hope you have too! I’ve learned from failures big and small, planted new seeds in business and in life, and it is time to engage with you on a whole new level.

If you followed my blog previously, you know that I posted daily blogs for a little over five and a half years. It was a true labor of love and in a way it was deeply therapeutic. What I learned in the course of writing these 2,030 consecutive daily blogs is that I have a lot to offer and a passion for helping others to their fulfillment. I accomplished this while running five businesses in the wellness space, raising two wonderful boys and pursuing thrilling hobbies like aviation, equitation and falconry.

What I also learned during that time is that everyone, I mean EVERYONE has a lot more to offer than they generally reveal. My writing was an exploration of human potential and my aim was to provide tools that, properly used, would allow anyone to live life on purpose.

I’ve realized that mental health, physical health and financial health all work on the same principles. These principles are not magic, they are basic laws that are knowable and immutable. And our spirituality – that which we hold sacred or dear – is the thread which ties us together as individuals and binds us to the body of humanity.

I am energized and I am here to help! I look forward to engaging with you, providing you with immense value, and helping you to accomplish the miraculous wonders that you came here to bring.

The odds were against you arriving on this planet. I’ve heard them described as 400,000,000,000:1. Well, by hook or by crook, you arrived. You made it through the narrow way that leads to a few precious years of life on earth. And no matter how old you are, how many times you’ve fallen or failed, you still have the ability to reveal your inner greatness. If you have nothing else to be thankful for, you can be thankful for reality of your potential.

Your time is now. Let’s do this!