Like most people, I’m probably not as bad as my worst enemies make me out to be, neither am I as good as my biggest fans tend to report. I am somewhere in between.

Like truth.

I love to write and I love to build environments in which people may thrive. I say “may,” because thriving is a choice. It is a choice that is independent of circumstance. To thrive is to live radiantly, thankfully, and on purpose.

Choose wisely.

My life has been largely consumed with building companies and more importantly, building spaces designed to draw out the best in people. In some cases it worked; in others it backfired. And I enjoyed the process regardless of the outcome.

Love what you do.

In my spare time I became a Master Falconer, Commercial rated multi engine land and sea pilot with an instrument rating, and played a bit of polo while training primarily in classical equitation.

Lots of lessons learned, but here’s one of the more universal: Never take a hobby that you have to feed.


My life of late is filled with writing, mentoring, and nurturing. This blog is one of my outlets, both for distributing my thoughts and for dealing with the vicissitudes of life. I love to teach as much as I love to lead; lately I’ve been doing more of the former and less of the latter.

I’ve been mentoring students at an innovative non-profit startup for teaching young entrepreneurs called Global U. I’ve also been instructing on servant leadership at 3D Teen Recovery. I’ve learned that my fulfillment depends wholly on my ability to assist others to their fulfillment.

I recently conducted a number of interviews with citizens of Belarus, who are in the midst of a quiet revolution. I was a Political Science major in university and I just cannot help myself when it comes to geopolitics. Government fascinates me. The mini documentary will be ready soon. I have learned that video editing is not my forte.

I’ve found most of my recent inspiration in ancient Rome and Greece lately, but I also have also developed a soft spot for classical and modern poetry. Poems are the music of the soul and the cry of humanity. Learning to write poetry is like learning to dance…awkward until you lose yourself in it.

My wife is Swiss and my boys are teens. Both mean the world to me.


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  1. I used to teach school and somewhere in the nine years that I worked the dress code seemed to go out the window from when I first started.

    It became increasingly difficult to tell the students from the teachers except for the gray hair to which some teachers responded with some very interesting hair colors to cover up the gray.

    Enjoyed reading your blog this morning. And yes, you do go very well with coffee!


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  3. Hey Gregg!

    I found your blog on the wordpress front page and your most recent post, “Dress for Success,” caught my eye because it had a picture of Audrey Hepburn. I loved your ideas about dress in the work place and about how it creates our image. It inspired me to write something on my blog as well! (I maintain a fashion blog.) I poked around through the rest of your blog and I adore it! Your writings are heartfelt, yet interesting and thought-provoking! Keep up the good work! I know how frustrating it is to keep regularly posting!



  4. You were born in Heidelberg? I was born in Berlin! You study Chinese Medicine? I study integrative medicine (as a hobby)! And you worked in a spa? I worked in a salon! And although I only took intro-flight-lessons, looks like we both have a passion for the skies. I came across your BLOG and immediately took to it; very insightful! Best to you and Melissa!


  5. Dear Gregg, I was just doing some research and was trying to find some contact information when I stumbled upon your blogs. I can’t stop reading them! The fact that you can keep coming up with these literary masterpieces on a daily and weekly basis is nothing short of genius! Now I really want to score an appointment with you and your company!
    Our company, Blue Springs Energy creates websites and outreach programs for local govt’s across NYS. We provide all of the content which is includes all of the rebates and tax incentives for clean air initiatives as well as information regarding alternative energy resources, certified contractors, energy saving tips, etc.

    Thanks very much for the blogs! There’s my reading for tonight!


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