“If we start to examine the general laws of perception, we see that as perception becomes habitual, it becomes automatic. Thus, for example, all of our habits retreat into the area of the unconsciously automatic; if one remembers the sensations of holding a pen or of speaking in a foreign language for the first time and compares that with his feeling at performing the action for the ten thousandth time, will agree with us.” – Viktor Shklovsky

Perception by Gregg Hake

Why have I not seen
The blushing leaves
Cradled by invisible currents,
Floating earthward, swaying
Selflessly to the forest floor?

Why have I not heard
The children’s laughter
Sparked by life’s tingles,
Piping gaily, suffusing
Sensation to a somber world?

Why have I not felt
The sun’s beams
Diffused by love’s hearth,
Extending outward, evincing
Form from the void?

Perception dulled by habit,
Appeased by silhouettes;
Impressions are thus fleeting,
Such lives time soon forgets.

7 thoughts on “Perception

  1. Zach

    Your assertion that “time soon forgets” life without perception certainly rings true. Without perception of that which is, how can we hope to change things for the better? Those who do not perceive are doomed to be swept away into a lukewarm existence.


  2. Let it be so, that this days habits be revealed to the realm of the conscious .
    Rise and Shine,
    Be not forgotten, for the choice is ours,
    Like the gift of perception which wanes from misuse, abuse, or ignorance.
    Let the Light of Truth refresh, that tomorrow be one of command, not sorrow!
    Love to you and many thanks, this beautiful morning!


  3. Coco

    What an elegant reminder to live! Your examples of the autumnal beauty and children’s joy are two of my favorites! Appreciation is a magnificent habit to nurture.


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