With Purpose

My cello teacher made an interesting point yesterday in relation to my bowing, which now that I think about it, is actually quite a good life principle. She said: “When you change direction, do so with purpose as it creates intent where there is typically hesitancy or stumbling.”

How true this is! In all of life it is wiser to be thinking a move ahead of your next move. If you don’t, you’ll forever be wondering what to do next and how to extricate yourself from what you’ve gotten yourself into.

Fidelity to purpose establishes surety in action.

4 thoughts on “With Purpose

  1. Beautiful Gregg! I can so relate….

    As a student of the saxophone I thought the other day that there are two ways to make a sound come out of the instrument. You can either play a note or create a note.


  2. Lady Leo

    Living on purpose does provide a certain scope of vision but a part of that is becoming deft at change. While purpose is seen as a constant; our daily lives can seem on a trajectory that is influenced by many factors outside of our control. Our certainty comes from our purpose and infuses our actions with confidence.


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