To those who would like to see the future, think how hard it is to handle the present moment effectively, that is, with an untroubled heart. Moreover, think how often you find yourself wallowing in the past, disturbed by former failures and disappointments. Imagine if the shadows of the future were dancing around your head and reverberating through your heart at the same time!

Prophecy is neither for the weak of heart nor the faint of spirit and I feel nothing but tremendous respect and compassion for those who have been entrusted with the capacity for revelation.

3 thoughts on “Prophecy

  1. Zach

    I think about this sometimes as well. There must be an immense amount of responsibility that is felt when the import of prophecy is realized for the prophet. Just like all insight, prophecy must come through a clear vehicle, and that takes someone who is dedicated.


  2. Lady Leo

    Living without letting the past be the lens of the heart takes conscious effort. I can’t imagine knowing the future as well. I too have great respect for those chosen to act as prophets. They didn’t come with a rule book and undoubtably may often witness horrific events twice. From my understanding, it seems their trust in God and their concern to not fail him becomes the driving force in their lives. Living in the present moment is most peoples’ job. If we followed the example of the prophets basis for living; I can only imagine the prophecy for this world, would in time, improve as well.


  3. Carmen

    Prophets have lived in all ages, in all lands, one has to only be even vaguely familiar with the Christian Bible to read of Prophets who lived in the ages represented within the pages of the Bible. And not only in the Bible, but in all religious teachings, no matter how ancient, prophets gave their messages to the people. The saddest fact is the way that the prophets themselves and their teachings were frequently dealt with during their life time and after. Humans wish to know the future, and yet disdain the one who carries the message. In Roman days, the messenger who delivered an unwanted message to the Emperor, was often put to death, as if he himself caused the story of the message. Are we still doing this? Bless the messenger, and take heed of the message would be a much wiser course.


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