Minotaur of Conscience

Minotaur of Conscience by Gregg Hake

Minotaur of conscience,
Stampeding through the maze;
Looking for the answer,
He eats the young and prays.

Troubled by the conflict
Of knots he can’t unwind;
His coats of skin torment him
And keep his soul confined.

“Release me from this prison!”
He cries out to his God;
Not asking but demanding,
His beastly instincts flawed.

For God is not a genie,
Summonsed to serve on earth;
He is bid by giving
A womb for heaven’s birth.

7 thoughts on “Minotaur of Conscience

  1. Zach

    It sure isn’t that people have not longed for a world where God takes away their problems. Yet God cannot work through a person that walls themself off, whether they do it intentionally or unintentionally.
    If a person would want to begin to let those walls down, they would be lucky enough to have a repository of starting points in this very blog…


  2. Joy

    So much beauty around, and yet man still demands of god. These days it’s so easy to see the fire of gods love in every tree. He is the ruler yet!!


  3. Lady Leo

    Terrific depiction of man’s attitude towards his creator. Like selfish, self absorbed, spoiled children, we’ve demanded what is naturally ours to experience if we would just assume the responsibility for the part that is ours. Heavens womb is our hearts.


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