God’s Will

Nature hath Her seasons,
The earth her course is sure.
Mankind hath his reasons,
His motives aren’t obscure.

He calls upon his power
(With free-will he’s bedecked)﹣
To ply her ample dower,
God’s Will he doth prosect.

Cast out from the Garden,
By his constant greed.
His gentle heart doth harden
When he meddles with the seed.

Her bounty is abundant
In Her course across the stars.
Man’s will is not redundant,
Lest it God’s Will debars.

A Divine Image

A Divine Image by Gregg Hake
(An adaptation of William Blake’s poem of the same name)

Charity has a Human Heart,
And kindliness a Human Face.
Beauty the Human Form Divine
And radiance, the Human Dress.

The Human Dress, is Glory beamed,
The Human Form, Spirit’s prism.
The Human Face, Heaven’s likeness,
The Human Heart, a crystal Gate.


“If we start to examine the general laws of perception, we see that as perception becomes habitual, it becomes automatic. Thus, for example, all of our habits retreat into the area of the unconsciously automatic; if one remembers the sensations of holding a pen or of speaking in a foreign language for the first time and compares that with his feeling at performing the action for the ten thousandth time, will agree with us.” – Viktor Shklovsky

Perception by Gregg Hake

Why have I not seen
The blushing leaves
Cradled by invisible currents,
Floating earthward, swaying
Selflessly to the forest floor?

Why have I not heard
The children’s laughter
Sparked by life’s tingles,
Piping gaily, suffusing
Sensation to a somber world?

Why have I not felt
The sun’s beams
Diffused by love’s hearth,
Extending outward, evincing
Form from the void?

Perception dulled by habit,
Appeased by silhouettes;
Impressions are thus fleeting,
Such lives time soon forgets.