Let there be light

We push back the darkness-
Not as a man,
Who with human strength
Folds a bar of black iron
Back upon itself,
But as the sun,
Whose radiance
Pours the dawn
Into the black of night.

We push back the darkness-
Not as a beast,
Which with brutal zeal
Repels the thieving foes
That lurk in the shadows,
But with the lambent light
Which brightens
Hearts of men
Lost in Cimmerian caverns.

We push back the darkness-
As an angel,
Who with heaven’s rod
Inflames the suns
Which light the day.

3 thoughts on “Let there be light

  1. Zach

    More often than we think, what matters is how we do something, not just what we do. We all have a purpose in life, and it is our responsibility not just to learn what that purpose is, but to fulfill it to the highest possible standards.


  2. Joy

    Beautiful Gregg. It is so easy to forget that it’s not through human strength that the darkness is dispelled, but through radiant release.


  3. Lady Leo

    It is still a surprise and looked on as a miracle by mankind, when Heavens’ approach succeeds where their strident efforts have failed. I love the simplicity and majesty of your poem.


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