Rise and See

Are we as in the days of yore
Too blind to see that we’re yet poor?
Though swimming in apparent wealth
Our lives are hollowed out by stealth.

To wit we’re sold a bill of goods
And robbed of hope from childhood.
Taught to bow before the throne
Where every king is but a drone.

The time is nigh to rise and see
That you and I, we need not be
Bought and sold by clever spin
Ne’er to see the light again.

6 thoughts on “Rise and See

  1. Joy

    Sometimes “the wrong seems oft so strong”, but my heart rests in the knowing that “God is the ruler yet”. He has a plan. My job is to ensure that my heart is available to help facilitate that plan in whatever way I am able. Thank you Gregg, I am alway’s so greateful for how articulate you are at expressing the quality of your heart.


  2. David R

    Kindly the curtain is drawn back to reveal what has been crudely hidden
    Voice of reason speaks again, unveiling that to which we are bidden!


  3. Coco

    I loved this! Most people, at some point in their adolecence, have some inkling of the charade that is being foisted on them. It’s often explained as just being the way things are. If we follow this particular blog then perhaps we have never totally dismissed the idea that there is a right way. Poetry is a wondrous form to spark the heart and thoughts, thanks.


  4. Kierney

    Very true. We don’t have to be on the hamster wheel of life, just blindly going along with what we’ve been taught or told.


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