4 thoughts on “The Terrain

  1. Steve V

    Interesting to consider how it has been said Monsieur Pasteur proclaimed on his death bed that his contempory Claude Bernard was right that the terrain was everything. I appreciate the terrain your blog is cultivating.


  2. Zach

    It seems like as we march through time, the cycle of our scientific knowledge goes something like this: A new theory pops up which is totally discredited and whose originator is lambasted by the “old guard”. Time passes, we gain knowledge in other areas, and we realize that the guy might have been right! Too bad he died in ignominy. Yet the “cutting edge” takes his work and makes it the new standard. Then comes along a new scientist, who with our new understanding makes a new model, he is ridiculed and rejected for it, and the cycle moves on.

    Wouldn’t it be better to have a little humility? How many times do we have to see this cycle repeat before we can extrapolate from that information that we might not have all the answers? It is my opinion that while we might know more than we used to, we still know very little about the world we live in. How about we explore it without denigrating others who are doing the same.


  3. Isabelle

    When must continually change and adapt in our lives (and this includes scientific or medical theories), or else rigidity and regression will occur.


  4. Coco

    To be sure this is one of the greatest distractions or misdirections. Pithy poetry aside, if this were understood by our collective healthcare institution it could alleviate much suffering and wasted resource. Poetry has been known to start a conversation; it’s possible, I appreciate your consistent effort, thank you. Happy New Year!


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