3 thoughts on “regressive Vikariation

  1. Joshua

    Less is more potent, Truth be unveiled.
    More is better, thought derailed.
    Due heed, be given to finer things,
    Re-orientation is found with what they bring.


  2. MMc

    I’m sure Dr.Reckeweg’s work has been a life saver for many. I’ve had personal experience of the efficacy of homeopathics. When my family, primary care, doctor feels he can’t make any suggestions to help, he’ll now ask me to consult my naturopath to see if he can help. As people are exposed to this they see there so many more answers to our health problems then the majority of our doctors are aware of. Thank you for carrying on this vital work.


  3. Zach

    The great thing about Homotoxicology is how it makes clear the path from sickness to health, depth to surface. Understanding this, you can see how sometimes things might not be as they seem, and a certain symptom might be indicative of some other root cause.

    I think this holds true with humanity as well. People do a lot of strange things, but I think that many of the symptoms the world exhibits might be able to be safely ignored at their own level if we were able to get at the deeper root cause of the problem.


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