5 thoughts on “Divine Erudition

  1. Joshua

    This brings to mind the need to relax deeply (our mind) allowing the principled process work outward into expression. The tendency to over think or willfully crank blocks the natural flow of things


  2. David R

    To ask in truth there must be openness to receive the truth. To seek in honesty, the heart’s desire must be purified and concentrated. Otherwise our lives are an empty quest, simply because we have actually been neither asking nor seeking!


  3. Isabelle

    It’s important to have a scientific mind, even if we don’t see ourselves as that type of thinker. Recently, a Harvard professor determined that the more we ask ourselves about our purpose and what we are doing with our lives, the more active and developed the brain cortex becomes.


  4. Zach

    We have an opportunity, and a choice. Either give in to entropy and let our lives and worlds degrade, or be one who continuously improves and repairs, leaving things better than they were found. The secret here, and the thing that trips up many people, is that it is not possible to always remain the same; you either improve or deteriorate.

    I believe the reason for this is that when you fail to make constant progress, you lose access to the erudite qualities that make it possible to even stay where you were, and eventually time takes its toll and you find yourself worse off than when you started.

    There is another way, another path. Use the scientific mind you speak of to constantly observe and look for points of leverage where improvement is possible, and then use the naturally erudite quality that comes from this activity to use this leverage to the best possible advantage. In other words: find things that need improvement, improve them, repeat.


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