A Heart at Rest

A true friend could be defined many ways, but one of the greatest qualities of a true friend is his or her ability to help your heart come to rest. Such soothing might come in the form of an uplifting smile, a thoughtful gesture, a kind word, or a helping hand, or it might come from giving them space, holding them close or simply making them laugh. All of these have the ability to loosen a clenched heart.

Your mind cannot stop whirring unless your heart comes to rest. Your body cannot fully recharge unless your heart is at rest. The state of your heart reflects directly upon the quality of your living, so take the time to let your heart come to rest and while you’re at it, look to do the same for those around you.


6 thoughts on “A Heart at Rest

  1. Isabelle

    A heart at rest is not something you can “will” into being. The mind must also understand patience and contentment with what is, while also always seeking to refine our expression.


  2. Lady Leo

    I understand my heart best when I think of it in terms of a precision tuning fork that I am charged with the ultimate responsibility for seeing that it resonates with the highest and most refined vibration possible. My true friends are those that over the years have assisted me in many of the ways you have described, and in addition, no matter what my circumstance or momentary challenge have not abandoned their own responsibility to maintain the highest and finest vibration in their own hearts. Our hearts do set the stage for the quality of blessing that our lives can actualize on Earth; they are the means through which we hear God.


    1. Joy

      What a beautiful analogy lady Leo. I have a set of turning forks and what I have noticed is when two notes resonate often you will hear overtones, countless other notes miraculously sound as well. To me it’s as if the hosts of heaven add there resonant agreement to finely tuned hearts. I loved your thought process, thank you!


      1. Coco

        Perhaps this is what Aristotle was illustrating when he wrote, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


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