Spannungsbogen by Gregg Hake

Charged with ancient purpose, eye fixed upon the prize,
I hold the wingèd arrow fast.
Watching Love’s eternal wheels,
I wait with bated breath.

Then Love exhales from the East;
Tension held, I poised,
Wait for heaven’s signal.
Stars align, the time is come!

He! He! ﹣
Arrow now free
Darts from loosened arc.
The time at last is nigh.

8 thoughts on “Spannungsbogen

  1. Carol

    Beautiful poem Gregg! It brings up such a feeling of power and nobility. Those qualities are ours to convey to our circumstances and to the people that we interact with. The time is nigh.


  2. Steve

    ANCIENT PURPOSE. Just turning my attention to such a consideration brings a charge to my heart that brings a reason for being and a reason to get up and go. The power this brings seems overwhelming. Your words pointing to the poise of a master archer brings a wisdom to masterly bring ancient purpose to fruition.


  3. Lady Leo

    I enjoyed the spirit of your poem! I believe we each have a particular commission to fulfill in our time on this Earth and the timing of it is a crucial component. In order to get it right our timing has to be in synch with the universal impulses from Heaven. Ah, the hearts job! It’s quite like the prose that time and tide wait for no man. It’s not enough to understand our commission but to hit the mark, timing is -as has been said, everything. The past is full of failure based on impatience or too late.


  4. Carmen

    A quote please: “The bigger the life the larger the space in that life that should be given to the Creator.” By the Reverend Akaiko Akana


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