Full Potential

When I consider the remarkable achievements of man – his sprawling agricultural victories, the construction of his great cities, and the kaleidoscopic development of his cultures – I cannot but ask myself, as children do each generation without prompting: “Why must we struggle, why must we fight with one another?”

Diversity need not imply conflict. Diversity is nothing more than the manifestation of the essences contained in the whole. We share this world and live in the universe together. And it is a uni-verse. It is one thing, diversified into many components. 

That which divides also connects. Nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, religious and political persuasions all grew from the same root. Our humanity unites us. 

Are we so blind that we cannot see past the differences to the root from whence each and every one if us sprang? I think not. But it will take time, effort, and meticulous care of that which is sacred – whole, holy and true. 

What have you done in this regard today? Was it enough? Could you have done more? What will you do tomorrow? If you’re not asking yourself these questions on a daily basis (if not each and every moment), then you’re likely slipping down the embankment which lines the well-trodden path of man’s failure to achieve his full potential. 

6 thoughts on “Full Potential

  1. David R

    The diversity that springs naturally from the core of oneness is perfect and wonderful in every way. The diversity that springs from human self-centeredness, on the other hand, is always bound to be characterized by conflict, tragedy and disharmony. This makes for a very mixed up state where it is difficult to tell the source of diversity, causing all kinds of confusion. All the more reason to abide in the source and refrain from judgment!


  2. Dr Steven Ventola

    The dissolution of downcasting judgement needs to be recognized in our experience when it arises if we are to play our unifying parts together. As such things are recognized and seen with the understanding that this does not serve anything or anyone especially ourselves it opens the door to that which would unify. It brings a greater sense of appreciation for our world and all that is contained.
    I am finding as I take your posts to heart and really listen to those you are compelled to post in appreciative replys it brings a greater sense of community for the awakening of humanity regarding the living actualization of full potential of each of us.


  3. Ernest

    Those are great questions to ask of ourselves at least daily. Your post reminds me of so much, but most specifically the precisiousness of each moment. It is in this moment that we can begin to both reach our own and assist others to reach their true potential.


  4. Isabelle

    It is good to review each day and ask those questions you posed above. If we lived each day as if it were our last, I believe we would be much more thoughtful and less afraid to do more to make a difference in the world.


  5. Coco

    I believe humility is one of the missing ingredients to appreciating diversity and also one the earliest blockages to experiencing more of our own potential. When humility is wanting hubris seems the next step in the descent of character. When this occurs, becoming convinced of the having the ability to out think even God, is not far off. Caring for what is sacred begins with what we allow to reside in our own heart.


  6. DeeDee

    It certainly can be a useful starting point to look out into the world past and present to determine that the real starting point actually is not to be found at that level, but if needed those clues can point us back to a place of center within ourselves that connect us to the unshakeable realization of our unique and divine purpose. From that place humans can share in true righteousness together. I feel very blessed through your thoughts posted today to wake up to friends and family who share a passion for that upward centering. Every difference, every conflict, doesn’t stand a chance of taking a stronghold in the midst of the magic of that true relatedness, barring that none are willing to leave that place of true centering (we have enough evidence of that being the case out in the world). It may sound lofty, but it is in the practical, minute details that this matters, and where the legacy for future generations is built. Let the magic happen in every moment!


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