The Spirit of Love

The spirit of love is so much more than mere romantic love. While romantic love is thrilling and potentially consuming, restricting one’s understanding of the spirit of love to its romantic nuance is like describing the body of humanity solely in terms of the first person you dated.

The spirit of love is vast. It is the source of all power in the universe and the seed of all of creation. Without it, nothing would exist. Even science, at its core, is the study of the effects of love in the universe. All things that exist do so because of love.

That power, like any of its derivatives, can be used constructively or destructively. It drives both formation and decay. An understanding of truth provides the keys to understanding the right use of love. Without truth, love becomes a dangerous power to those unprepared to use it.

You are made free by truth because you come to understand the right use of the power of love.

4 thoughts on “The Spirit of Love

  1. David R

    Your pieces on love have been refreshing and broadening. If interest in love were enough to make a difference, one would think the difference would have been made. People do tend to be interested to the point of fascination and even obsession with love, but they are not made free on that basis.

    It is, as you emphasize, only through passion for the beauty of the design of truth that love may increase safely in anyone’s experience, and that increase, in turn, will put more pressure on those elements of character that may be less than true to the truth. Few there have been who were willing to walk this road, but if love is to be known, it must be in this way.


  2. Dr Steven Ventola

    Cynicism sets in when there is a disbelief in the power of love that has always been present. It results eventually when trying to make the power of love fashion our lives for self centered reasons. Most often the rhythms we have tried to make happen trying to push our selves beyond human limits brings eventual burnout. Understanding that love itself has its own rhythms that it is not one string of constant emission that there are ebbs and flows to it is vital. It has been noted even the sun has periodic activity of varying intensity. Understanding there is to be a balance of the rhythms of rest and action can bring a relaxation in heart of trying to make things happen. Allowing this to occur can assist us to be in position to know the rhythms of love that animate all the universe to so animate us.


  3. Lady Leo

    What you’re describing could really be called life 101 but has been relegated to a lofty pursuit; perhaps as one of the ruses man has created for self deception. It is the basis for all that is and certainly all that has to do with human function. Our education, in most cases, has very little to do with understanding truth. Yet here we agree, it unlocks the mysteries of love; that have divided us from our birthright and most importantly the guidance to fulfill our commission as a human being. I’ve found the best way to expand my understanding of truth was to adhere to what I do understand and without fail it has always opened the way to an even greater comprehension. I appreciate this meditation as it opens my heart to a greater experience of the responsibility of purposeful living which contained therein is the fulfillment, joy and pleasure that is our corresponding privilege.


  4. Carmen

    Most humans have no concept of what love truly is, nor can they possibly reach the genuine height of that experience. Few while here in the total history of the earth have ever reached such lofty degree of consciousness while in this place of material form. Many write of love, and speak of love, and sing of love, as if they knew her personally, and from that falseness one would believe that love was easily known. But in actuality the greatest numbers of us only are able to glimpse a shadow of love occasionally, but rarely see her truly magnificent form!


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