Patience IV

We cannot be free of our limitations until we are free in our limitations. When we rally against our limitations we bind ourselves more fully to them.

When we are consumed by the gulf between that which is and that which we desire, we are no more sure in living than the tightrope walker is whose gaze is fixed on the chasm below. In impatience we focus on absences and voids; in patience our hearts are filled with gratitude for that which is present.

Patience purifies our hearts and allows us to be free within our limitations.

4 thoughts on “Patience IV

  1. David R

    Power is a function of force contained. Positive acceptance of the limitations of circumstance allows power to build up while arbitrary manipulation or easing of circumstances can nullify that power. Letting power build up can be uncomfortable for all involved, but nothing of any moment occurs without exactly that process!


  2. Lady Leo

    I believe we need look no further for an example of how to continue on in limited circumstances than our Creator. I’ve no doubt that he had great plans and wondrous potential for mankind, yet his love and yes patience has never been withheld, even with the constricted and dull state that has resulted from man’ s lack of compliance. If disappointment can rule our hearts we are still very thoroughly among the noncompliant. I think most of us has circumstances that are surely among the best on the Earth today yet there can still be a yearning for something more. The answer is not in a change of circumstance but a change of heart. In abiding patience lies the deepest wellspring of love to freely give; beginning with what is closest to us and moving out from there. If we have any preference as to what or who is most deserving of this we need only ask ourselves, what and who is present right now in this circumstance? Anything else is imagination. Wonderful post, than you.


    1. Dr Steven Ventola

      In respect to the people closest to us there is a tendency to wish they would be how we would desire them to be rather than loving them as they are. This can also apply to our own perspective of ourselves. Patience does allow us to be ever so thankful for the reality that is lifefully present within those in our immediate world especially. It is good to recognize this tendency to focus on the voids and limitations in others as well as ourselves and make the necessary change in heart for us to actually know the wonderful gift of life we have in every moment.


  3. Carmen

    Patience is a state of being, it is not action or non action, that is wrong thinking about what patience is, it is so much more than this generally accepted concept. It is the ability to still treasure the existence within now, no matter what you think you perceive as happening in materiality. To trust and believe until you become trust and belief your own self. Right heart, right mind, right actions.


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