Patience V

“Our patience will achieve more than our force.” – Edmund Burke

Those who have pigeonholed patience as being the absence of action invariably underestimate its power. They resort to the use of force to achieve their goals and fulfill their desires, but in so doing they fabricate the appearance and not the reality of that which they sought to produce. What is created on this basis is a hollow shell, an empty mockery of that which would have been had they let it come to be in season.

Impatience creates a paralyzing power vacuum. Filling this vacuum with force masks the true need and creates an even more acute situation. When a form is produced with haste, the spirit or essence of that form cannot be fully revealed. A fruit forced to ripen never contains the richness of flavor and texture that its tree-ripened counterparts does.

So too in man’s affairs. When a matter, be it a friendship, intimate relationship, project, process, mission, or plan is rushed due to the impatience of its participants, there may be some semblance of success, but the triumph will be short-lived and the victory hollow.

Matters pressed into form with haste may conform to the letter, but they will invariably be devoid of spirit. 

4 thoughts on “Patience V

  1. Isabelle

    Impatience sucks the life out of whatever might be working out – a project you are working on, a conversation, etc. Patience creates the space for creativity to have a safe place to be expressed.


  2. Dr Steven Ventola

    Thank you for the profound considerations of patience. As I take them deeper in heart they provide a compass of orientation for generative fruitful living. It is good to observe where there has been the experience of force and haste and the consequent disease producing effects. As this is seen and put to rest in an attitude of sacred orientation underlying patience something new can emerge in season that is rich and robust.


  3. David R

    I’ve enjoyed this excellent set of meditations on the vital matter of patience. It takes something, apparently, to get beyond cliches and surface verities to begin to access the power that is really our birthright.


  4. Lady Leo

    There is a perfect timing for the birth of everything that should occur on Earth. We have a specific part to play in this creation. When we remove the curse of judgement from the equation we find our hearts available to the rhythms of the universe. Even with the most superior of strategic acumen the creation will be wanting if it’s not in alignment with the Eternal’s lines of force.


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