Patience III

Patience is the proverbial “good cheer” which allows us to overcome the temptation of haste. Patience reminds us of the important details of the present moment; it grounds us by calling our attention to what can be done now.

The restless eagerness known as impatience destroys the order of life. Impatience disorders the sands of time by pulling forward that which is not yet ripe and passing over that which seasonable. Patience, on the other hand, brings order out of chaos, restores peace to the troubled heart and reassures the fearful that love endures.

We set the stage for future fulfillment by attending to the requirements of the present moment.

5 thoughts on “Patience III

  1. Dr Steven Ventola

    In Sanskrit there are many words relating to patience. It is more than just a surface thing. It does relate to a state of being that opens the door to more than just enduring something. It is the essence of allowing the waters of truth to find an opening and stream way by which our temporal soul is washed clean and renewed.


  2. David R

    The ability to perceive cycles of ripeness is so central, and it just isn’t possible without the deliberate cultivation of a patient approach. Here is the core of efficiency and the elegance of a life lived in harmony with the unfolding cycles of creation.


  3. Ernest

    These posts on Patience have been terrific and very timely Gregg. What is the saying “haste makes waste” really mean? i guess exactly that. Unfortunately i have both participated in and witnessed in this sad experience where something that had the potential to be beautiful, meaningful, and life changing for many was aported because of impatience or haste. This is one of the problems when companies focus on bottom line only – it often (if not always) leads to waste instead of the building of something sustainable. And speaking of sustainable, which should be the goal for every endeavor, relationship and adventure, it seems that Patience is one of the foundation points for its attainment.


  4. Coco

    They say if given the opportunity to choose between genius and patience, choose patience. More is accomplished with time then is with force. I see patience as a delivery system for forgiveness, healing, transformation and power. I’ve enjoyed your posts on patience; keeping it in the forefront of my thoughts is a sweet balm to my efforts.


  5. Isabelle

    I have seen and experienced how impatience can destroy the potential of what could be created by individuals or a group of people. With patience, even in busy times, time and space becomes available for much more than you might anticipate.


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