Patience II

Patience is important because it forces us to pay attention to details which we might overlook in our rush to achieve. Patience also allows us to bring our energies and focus to a fine point, so that nothing is wasted as we set about accomplishing that which is ready to come to fruition.

To borrow from the equestrian arts, patience is the half-halt which brings us back into balance. It catches our attention. Patience allows us to overcome the inertia of entropy; it is the means by which we recollect ourselves. Patience allows us to keep a soft hand on the passions which might otherwise lead us to fall apart as we rush around at the speed of the world in pursuit of fulfillment.


7 thoughts on “Patience II

  1. Brad

    Found myself “rushing around at the speed of the world…” (in my mind) while reading this post…then the last line caught my attention – thanks for the gentle reminder
    living to the fullest requires our attention to what may seem like little details – like practicing patience


    1. Dr Steven Ventola

      It is interesting to consider living to our fullest as it relates to our use of the half-halt. I read that it is abundantly utilized in the dressage arena where perfect control of the horse is required. As we take a lighter contact with our “bit” of circumstances through patience our potential can be maximized.


  2. David R

    We live in the midst of forces and cycles that are constantly moving between chaos and order, devolution and evolution, imbalance and balance. The patient attitude is one of listening and sensitivity, perceiving the points where action is appropriate and where it should be withheld. Perhaps this is why patience is sometimes referred to as ‘the first virtue.’ Simply put, everything else proceeds from patient alertness.


  3. Lady Leo

    The subject of passion has come into many of my conversations of late. Passion can become grounded by patience. Passion itself is a neutral, what we are passion about is the question. The fashion seems if someone is passionate about something it excuses the damage that can ensue as a result. The soft hand of patience is the space to actually let the nature of passion be revealed. Rather like a ripening process. Usually the rush of something creates omissions that carry a premium cost.


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