Patience I

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle

Patience is much more than the absence of action; patience is the timing of right action. It is forbearance without undue tension, and it is sensitivity to the very pulsations of life. Patience is the means by which unimaginable power is brought to bear on the seemingly impossible. Rightly held, patience is a golden mean which keeps passions in check and leads to undreamed of fulfillment.

The right reining of desires is man’s greatest challenge.

4 thoughts on “Patience I

  1. Isabelle

    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how important patience is in absolutely every aspect of life. As it has been said, “Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread!”


  2. Joshua

    In such a fast paced world, instant gratification (impatience) is becoming the norm, a very dangerous addiction, for it places one immediately at odds with how we are designed, which is to be with God, not as God.
    His timing, not ours, in all things.


  3. Lady Leo

    This unfortunately is thought of as an art instead of a norm. It is best learned in youth but is a prized addition at any age. Trying to pass it off as the one who can grit their teeth longest or refrain from speaking first is as fruitful as carrying water in a sieve . I love your description! It is a synchronization with the rhythms of the Omnipotent. I believe it is the actualization of what has been described as doing the will of the Father. Humility is it’s predecessor; it allows you to hear the guidance that is ever present, to still that preponderance of hubris that tries to pass as courage.


    1. Dr Steven Ventola

      Humility before the core of our being does bring a calm centering for patience to be known. Here there is perspective for right action allowing for fulfillment to be known.


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