A Bower for You

A thing of beauty is a joy forever;
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.
        Keats—”Endymion Bk. I. L. 1.

If beauty is truth and truth is eternal, then beauty, too, is eternal. The outward manifestation of beauty may be transitory, but its essence is eternal, just as truth is in principle, everlasting, and in application, short-lived.

If you have nothing in life you can still find peace in the amaranthine bower formed of beauty and truth, which springs eternal through your heart and mind and the natural kingdoms which surround you. To see beauty you need not be oblivious to the sordidness, suffering and violation which thrive in the absence of love and truth. Such ills are often present, but you need not yield one iota of your strength or imagination to them.

You can live, as it was said, “in the world” without being “of it.” You can make the quiet bower your abode – all the seconds, minutes and hours of your days – and live a life “full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.” It matters not what you might be doing in any given moment or how tempestuous the seas may be roundabout. You can so live that you are forever in the eye of the storm, looking outward by cultivating in yourself a meaningful and passionate relationship with beauty and truth.

6 thoughts on “A Bower for You

  1. Steve V

    Amaranthine bower soothes the soul. Not giving one iota of strength or imagination to that which is sordid has made me also think of not giving any amusement or reaction to it. I have noticed lately how in the media through TV or in movies sordidness is used as a way to amuse us. Recognizing this it is apparent how this can dissipate our amaranthine bower pretty quickly if we are not alert to either being amused by it or reactive to it. Good to take note of the influences we are being exposed to and at the same time keeping a sacred place for our radiance to increase the sanity and beauty in the world.


  2. Joy

    This planet of ours is a place of infinite beauty, a wonderful symbol, in my eyes, of the eternal beauty of the universe. Here on this precious orb we call home, we have the opportunity in every living day to commune intimately with the essence that backs every element of beauty we can observe. How awesome is that, to reforge that bond of union that brings us to that “peace that passeth understanding”. Thank you Gregg for this beautiful meditation.


  3. Isabelle

    If there is beauty in our hearts (kindness, empathy, strength, mercy, love, truth), we will see beauty round about. Even though there is tragedy in the world, in circumstances, we can bring beauty through the simplest deed or word.


  4. Lady Leo

    Since man’s expulsion from the garden the “sordidness, suffering and violation” have become facts we have to navigate. The real question is, what do we promulgate through the activity of our own heart? It was written “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” We don’t need rose colored glasses to live above the fray, purity of heart will strike the balance.


  5. Carmen

    To see beauty, we must lift ourselves beyond the common thinking of our societies. Where the idea of beauty most often exists in only the most superficial form. But is there not beauty within all that was created? If I look upon a frog, I can the most magnificent example of beauty, can you see that as well? can you see the creator within the created no matter what form it shall temporarily take? Can I see beauty in my currently judged enemy as well as my friend? When all I see and feel and know is only beauty, I will find myself one step closer to my Creator!


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