Daily Virtuous Living

“There is no teaching until the pupil is brought into the same state or principle in which you are; a transfusion takes place; he is you, and you are he; there is a teaching; and by no unfriendly chance or bad company can he ever quite lose the benefit.” – Emerson—Essays. Of Spiritual Laws.

Of all the things that can be taught, the métier of daily virtuous living reigns supreme. Were more emphasis placed on this at the kitchen table, in the classroom and the boardroom, the world would be a different place within a generation.

The necessity, however, is not to impart morals, which often conflict from one society to another or religious doctrine, which is similarly sectarian, but the universal laws and principles which form the basis of all creative activity. Truth is one. There are no shades of truth or brands of truth (e.g. your truth and my truth); truth is never in conflict with itself. Neither is truth temporal. Truth is eternal. Truth now is no different than truth then.

Identifying and teaching these truths has long been the work of philosophers and sages through the ages. The greatest challenge these teachers have faced has been to craft a vehicle for the transfusion and to so teach that the vehicle itself does not become mistaken for that which it is designed to convey. Neither churches nor schools are the truth. They no more own the truth than man owns the earth, its moon or the sun which infuses life into the world in which he dwells.

4 thoughts on “Daily Virtuous Living

  1. Isabelle

    That is an excellent point about the truth – that it can’t be owned by anyone. Unfortunately too many get fooled into thinking that this or that group has the “truth.” There may be a valid vehicle of that, but it must be known and experienced by yourself in order to really know, understand and live by the truth


  2. David R

    Emerson’s observations and yours here here are so crucial. Where something is truly learned, there is a blending, a union that can only come because both the teacher and the student become unified with the living principles of Truth in some particular field. Here is the awareness that transcends belief or the simple grasp of concept, opening the door to significant agreement and consequent creative power for transformation.


  3. Steve V

    If all teaching sprung from the purpose of daily virtuous living no matter the subject being taught it would infuse all topics with invigorating life! What a difference it would make in any educational institution.
    I remember when I attended Life Chiropractic College and we had a speaker who emphasized that we are here at Life so EXPRESS LIFE! Express the qualities of life upright and true. He transfused and brought all into a wonderful oneness to overflowing. He had the big idea from which all else follows.
    Thank you for expanding further of the essentials of education and what it really is all about.


  4. Lady Leo

    We are always learning about the truth. Applying a principle of truth in your life opens the way for more to be revealed. Mark Twain’s quip, “I’ve never let my school interfere with my education.” rather describes it. We can’t let the daily living of our life become separate from our endeavor to understand and apply the truth. It’s the vehicle, truth is the driver. Thanks for the post!


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