Future Loveliness

What is lovely never dies,
But passes into other loveliness,
Star-dust, or sea-foam, flower or winged air.
        T. B. Aldrich—”A Shadow of the Night

Having now lived some four decades and several odd years I can safely say that that which is lovely truly never dies. While the manifestation, the form of beautiful people, places, things and events may tarnish over time, no one can ever take away the living memories of the lovely, magical moments you’ve experienced in life.

Lovely memories are the seeds of future loveliness.

5 thoughts on “Future Loveliness

  1. Ernest

    We have the opportunity and privilege to create something lovely in each and every moment. To me that is why every moment counts, and what we do with each moment can make a significant difference. So why do we waste so many of our moments? Hopefully once we realize this for ourselves our wasted moments will decrease dramatically for it truly is a responsibility and gift that we have.


  2. David R

    Those things that are lovely are those things infused by the spirit of Love. The forms revealing of love come and go, sometimes in a timely fashion, sometimes in an untimely way, but the Spirit that infused the form continues and cannot be destroyed or nullified. Appreciating that spirit, we may meditate fondly on the manifestations of the past or we may contemplate the possibilities of the future, but as we think on these things the gateway to present manifestation of loveliness is tended and kept open.


  3. Isabelle

    I suppose an aspect t of loveliness is that it constantly changes. Even reading a poem or listening to lovely music is always different because the moments (and you within them) are never the same.


  4. Lady Leo

    It’s true! I think it’s also one of the aspects of well written poetry or music. I guess it’s not so much a matter of capturing the lovelyness as it carries the signature of it. I also think lovelyness often resides in the eye of the beholder.


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