10 thoughts on “World Within

  1. Colin

    Both of these sources must be balanced for one’s life itself to be balanced. Although I think I would rather be wise than be extremely knowledgeable of the world, there is no reason to have to choose. Both are readily available to those who are inclined to cultivate them.


  2. Joshua

    If we are to create a new world, around us, a new world must first be created in us.
    We do have a choice, upon that which we meditate.
    This involves no theatrics, nor posturing, posing of any sort, for outward show’s have created the world we are in.
    Actual, factual, inner transformation, is ones greatest privilege and responsibility.
    The door which was carefully opened through yesterdays post, can be opened with the key of todays.
    I humbly appreciate the opportunity your words have placed before me, and eagerly accept transitioning to my rightful place.


  3. Troy

    A humble and available heart is able to receive, ponder and utilize correction to further the process of purification. A rejection of this process just serves to harden the heart and isolates the one involved from the larger creative process. This is a cold and lonely place. Love is a powerful source and how it appears to us through praise or reproach must not be judged, only received with absolute humility and appreciation. Thank you for providing a forum for those who revere life and who value any intervention necessary to assist us to return to our rightful place.


  4. David R

    Really, what is to be gained by indignant or downcast reaction to reproach? The love of learning causes one to welcome all sources of potential correction and expansion and, if the reproach proves to be inaccurate or wrongly based, what of it?


  5. Joy

    Your words add to the glory of this morning Gregg, thank you! Sitting here in my sun filled living room with the sound of bird song all around me, it is good to have the time to ponder them. I can long to be humble or try to be humble, but both are of no avail because humility is a state of heart that is derived from a willingness to be redirected, a willingness to be rebuked . Fear of rebuke shuts the door to this process and prevents me from moving onward and upward. The degree if humility I hear in so many who respond to your blog Gregg, fills my heart with joy, and is a huge part of my inspiration, to them as well I say, thank you!


  6. Steve V

    It is interesting to consider the word reproach. It is said to be derived from the base meaning to “bring back close.” Seeing the need for correction and refinement allows for coming back to the truth of ourselves.


  7. Beth C

    Reproach is weighed without prejudice in the humble heart. The guise in which it comes does not predict its value. Sometimes even praise itself, if heard more truly, will serve the purpose of reproach.


  8. Lady Leo

    The habit and character trait of humility creates opportunity that perhaps appears as some sort of celestial privilege or good luck. You can appear as one blessed by wisdom or favored by God. All true! It’s the edge that makes us useful to our Creator above all else.
    I’ve heard people described as, often in error seldom in doubt. This tendency creates a callus on the heart and makes us unapproachable from the outside and insulated from the inside.
    “As many as I love I rebuke and chasten.” It’s been said for centuries. I think most shy away from rebuke because it has become confused with diminished worthiness instead of seeing it for what it really is. I love the comparison of how a loving parent will admonish their child. It is done solely out of love, protection and so the child will learn to the benefit of their life. Only our ego, carefully crafted by ourselves stands in the way of hearing our inner soul. Thanks Gregg, a perfect post to consider today.


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