“Greatness lies, not in being strong, but in the right using of strength.” – Beecher. Forty Thousand Quotations: Prose and Poetical, comp. by Charles Noel Douglas. New York: Halcyon House, 1917;, 2012.

I believe that every man has sufficient strength in himself to reveal greatness in every thing he undertakes. Rarely is man short on the strength necessary to the accomplishment of the tasks which sit before him. The question is whether or not he will use it rightly.

The right use of strength comes when body, mind any heart are aligned with the pulsations of inner being. The alternative is a clumsy attempt to force the matter with brute, physical strength, to strain at a solution mentally or to throw oneself at it emotionally. The downside to the alternative approach is that it blunts the effectiveness of body, mind and heart to carry the charge of life as time goes on. Typically too little or too much strength is applied in an unbalanced way, which tends to exacerbate, rather than resolve the matter.

There can and should be a balanced approach, where body, mind and heart are harmonized with the will of inner being. The three can, of course, be aligned in a purpose other than that of inner being, and where this is the case the individual will achieve beyond the mean. But in such case the strength comes not from the inexhaustible source within, rather, the individual must rally and whip up his own momentum on the basis of human strength.

7 thoughts on “Greatness

  1. David R

    All strength is relative, but the use of strength is a matter of artistry, leverage and wisdom. A light touch can unleash massive effect under the right circumstances, for good or for ill.


  2. Steve V

    Positioning our heart,mind and body to receive the rhythms of inner being through humility, thankfulness, discernment and uprightness brings an increasing awareness of what it takes to be so aligned. Greatness is a natural result.


  3. Troy

    What a practical and very real reminder for us to check ourselves. Exhaustion and fatigue can easily take the place of joy and fulfillment when human strength is the mode of operation. Why do we default to such low level of function ? I personally am ready to allow myself to let go to a consistent pattern of radiance and a renewed spirit.


  4. Coco

    I’ve realized that times when something seemingly should have been knocked out of the park and it didn’t happen, often the timing was off. Somehow the effort was premature or late. I believe the lack of alignment with the will of the inner being through fear or even bravado is the hitch to understanding when to move. Even if there maybe other causes that might have contributed to the misstep; not having the basic mechanism working that allows power to move unimpeded into the world is well…basic. It’s often repeated that life is hard but it’s really hearts.


  5. Isabelle

    I’ve observed that those who have this type of greatness and strength that you are speaking of are typically the most gentle, kind and gracious of men/women. I’ve also found on the other hand that those who are weak in spirit and character (those who force the appearance of strength) are typically the cruelest and smallest-minded people.


  6. Carmen

    Do you think that this is one of the factors that would lead to aging and disease in human kind? How do we maintain correct and more constant balance in body, mind and heart with inner being during the years that we are given to be here? For myself, I seem to wobble to the sides with only occasional centered balancing.


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