The Physics of Life

“For of the soule the bodie forme doth take; For soule is forme and doth the bodie make.” – Spenser, C.N. Douglas, comp.  Forty Thousand Quotations: Prose and Poetical, 1917.

Every visible thing takes form first in the invisible, in vibration. While I am sure this notion is well clothed by many other patterns of thought, the physics of life are described in the Christian terms “heaven” and “earth.”

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Heaven, or that which is invisible, always precedes the earth. In the case of man’s creative work on earth, invisible feelings and thoughts create perceptible words and actions. “…for out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.” We create the world we live in. This is the physics of life.

Those of you who are familiar with this fundamental truth are at greatest risk of seeing it anew, for the mind of man has a well-worn habit of hardening flowing, invisible truths into rigid, concrete concepts. When this happens, the concretized template becomes the new pattern, rather than the apposite underlying truth. If you are not careful, you will, like a busy parent dragging his child along a busy city sidewalk who thinks he has seen it all, miss a thousand and one new things along the way.

Those of you who are seeing this truth for the first time have a different challenge. With this challenge comes a different responsibility. You must take care to protect the seed of new understanding in your heart and mind. Don’t let others trample it with their “bright ideas” or “realism” formed by “years of experience.” New understanding is precious, delicate but vital to the revelation of newness in the earth of your experience.

If your world has gone awry, look first to the quality of heaven you are maintaining in your heart and mind. Rushing in a panic to rearrange the appearances will only worsen matters by obfuscating the cause. If you’ve ever wondered why history repeats itself, this is the reason. The heaven of man’s experience has been ignored, reduced to quaint concepts and trite descriptions and generally misunderstood.

8 thoughts on “The Physics of Life

  1. Joy

    To me this is such a profound consideration that nullifies any attitude of blame and allows for the acceptance of utter responsibility for ones life. Circumstances regardless what they are give us an opportunity to examine the “heaven” of our hearts. As you said earlier in the week Gregg, this takes deliberate action. Each and every day is so rich with opportunities to see life in the light of love, to make large or small adjustments, to vigilantly examine attitudes and situations as they arise and make the necessary adjustments. Life on this basis becomes exciting rather than a durge. Thank you, thank you!


  2. Lady Leo

    Your analogy of the parent and child is so apt. When my first thought is, I know that or I’ve heard that before or even I understand, I realize I haven’t given myself the opportunity to see it and digest it now. I am constantly evolving and maturing. There is nothing that I can think of, that I still see it like I did in my twenties or thirties. Our journey can be well worn paths that deepen to ruts or ascending stepping stones each one a new experience, the view being from a higher vantage point. Forgiveness and a reticence to feel, been there done that, removes the jaded and sarcastic lens from the heart.


  3. Colin

    I wonder how often I have been confounded by a particular set of circumstances or a particular limitation in my life, and instead of looking towards the invisible seeds of new possibility, instead look to try and dig up the visible “plants” that I have already fed and watered. It can be done, but it would be easier and smarter to just begin feeding and watering the right plant, and it won’t leave you with a scarred landscape.
    The possibilities and implications of the phrase “we create the world we live in” are staggering. We each have the opportunity to completely revolutionize our lives, regardless of our current circumstances, by the process you have outlined.


  4. Steve V

    Thank you for your words they make for a precious newness held dear in mind and heart for greater living understanding and application.


  5. Carmen

    Upon reading this post, I began to think how does man keep from becoming so fixed with his ideas about what is truth. Where do we begin to think that only one understanding is right, and all others wrong? I can only, at this time, believe that we must remain vigilant to keeping newness in comprehension. And this would necessitate letting go of all preconceived concepts about ourselves, Life, and others, would it not? Creation is never stagnant, it is ever renewing and remodeling itself, could this not be a clue to our own greater selves when observing any natural living things around us?


  6. isabelle

    Hopefully, we all experience both knowing the truth and seeing it for the first time as the truth is not only eternally consisted, but always new in application.


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