Reference to the Soul

“As all curves have reference to their centres or foci, so all beauty of character has reference to the soul, and is a graceful gesture of recognition or waving of the body toward it.” – Henry David Thoreau, C.N. Douglas, comp. Forty Thousand Quotations: Prose and Poetical.  1917.

You have two souls: one eternal and one temporal. The former is who you are at the core of you, a unique fusion of love and truth. Your inner soul is angelic, divine and indestructible. The latter is the mortal instrument for the expression of your inner soul. Your outer soul is composed of body, mind and heart and it is breathed rhythmically into life from within.

Character may be forged on the anvil of trial and tribulation or in the undulating intercourse of heaven and earth. True character doesn’t harden man or stiffen his neck, rather, it affords strength through suppleness, protection through radiance.



6 thoughts on “Reference to the Soul

  1. Steve V

    Thank for clarifying a seemingly misunderstood and confused topic. Inner and outer soul awareness brings clarity and reference for living from within out.


  2. Beth C

    Though often admired, character is not be prized for itself. As a developed skill set, it will show the nature of what inspired the development.


  3. Troy

    This is a beautiful reminder as to who we are. The two souls are designed to work together, the outer translating the inner into form, radiating forth. I can see the beauty of this balance in your words, “undulating intercourse of heaven and earth”. I have personally seen that when the two are not in unison, the outer can become a prison for the truth and pulsation of life within. If the two are aligned it is as easy as breathing and the radiance of character can be translated into our world with beautiful harmony and flow. Being committed to this process is true character in action!


  4. Coco

    What a magnificent description, thank you for sharing this! The strength, power and influence of the inner soul is the gift of The Creator to his creation. Of late I’ve been so aware of the love for us that The Creator has. How like a cherished child we have been constantly forgiven and reminded of our responsibility; always concerned that we develop the character to take our place in the creative mechanism. We have been given the ultimate of privilege of the inner and outer soul to fulfill our purpose, to be successful in our father’s business.


  5. Joy

    Abiding in the reality that the inner soul is angelic, divine and indestructible brings a perspective that stills the outer soul and allows it to increasingly come into union with the beauty of the inner. Such a wonderful consideration Gregg, a thousand thanks!


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