Materializing Love

Love is a spirit. It is omnipresent and omnipotent, but it must be given form if it is to have meaning at this or any level of creation.

Given that love is everywhere, you needn’t seek it; love is always at hand. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is not to seek love, but to release from within yourself that which stands in the way of its transformation into purposeful, attractive and influential expression.

Do this and you will materialize the spirit of love in ways that will exceed even your wildest imagination.

11 thoughts on “Materializing Love

  1. Colin

    It is so freeing to realize that love is not something you have to seek. People spend their whole lives doing this, only having it end up being to no avail, because they are not willing to let the love that is already within them flourish through them. It doesn’t matter who you meet, and it doesn’t matter where you are, you have the capacity and the constant opportunity to let love be translated through you into your life every moment of every day.


    1. Gregg Hake

      There is an initial leap of faith required here, Colin, but those who are a constant friend to love soon discover that there really is no other way to live.


  2. Charlotte

    Well said, bien sûr. Yes, it seems in society today, the word and emotion of “love” is not only freely given but easily and without almost any thought or meaning. The biggest and best part of growing up is learning what Love really is and never take it for granted. Certain events in the past few years have not only taught me to wear my heart on my sleeve and not hold back but also how love truly “wins”.


    1. Gregg Hake

      Great point, Charlotte…my dear friend. Too many hearts are buried under shame, grief, the fear of loss and such. Love has the power – it is the only power – to heal hearts, mend broken spirits and if you’ll pardon the strange imagery…raise the living dead. And yes, no matter what the appearances are in the short term, love eventually wins and as Shakespeare put it so beautifully, “at the length truth will out.”


  3. Troy

    Releasing the patterns that have blocked and fouled the spirit of love that is meant to move through me is the most important mission in my life. I realize the purpose for my being and the greatest of influences can only come to fruition through me to the degree that I am successful in the purification of my own heart. The work I center depends on this as well as the world as a whole, as I believe that if we each achieve these goals that together we can once again become th great mechanism we were created to be. Love in action on Earth! What a great goal, thanks for the guidance and the reminders.


  4. Steve V

    As that which stands in the way of letting love materialize is seen and released its power naturally and easily can move as it would making for a wonderful life experience. Your words open the door to the way of life.


  5. Beth C

    Love has a way of putting pressure on those things in the heart that need to be be released. It may be uncomfortable, but how we deal with that pressure will determine our success in allowing love to materialize.


  6. Joy

    What I have found as one begins to orient ones heart to love is that for a while all sorts of uncomfortable little situations arise based perhaps on the reaping of past judgements. Also in order for ill attitudes to be realised they have to be recognized, repented for and then released. I find that if indeed my heart is bent on been the transformer for the omnipotent power of love, I have to constantly evaluate what is happening in my experience and eagerly allow the habits of destruction and decay to fall away as they must, for they to are so easily dispelled by the power of Love. Your post helps me so much with this process Gregg, it keeps me honest, I am so grateful for it. Thank You!


  7. Isabelle

    Practically, I have opportunities to do this every single day. Each interaction that we have with my fellow human beings is an opportunity to express love, respect and appreciation for that which is right in them.


  8. Lady Leo

    The heart is where love emanates from. Love sometimes can be confused with sympathy or perhaps a condescending neutrality or any of a number of banal neutralizing spirits. To be certain it is love that we are originating in our hearts, we must free it from the distorting filter of judgement. Then what comes from us will always assist the circumstances we face and the people we interact with the power and influence of the Omnipotent. This is, on occasion, not comfortable but always transforming, inuring to the benefit of all.


  9. DeeDee Miller

    I have really enjoyed your last two posts. It is very freeing to realize that no matter what the circumstance we always have this capacity to offer a unique and much needed expression of this transformative power.


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