Why I write

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” – Henry D. Thoreau, Walden

A dear friend of mine mentioned this weekend that she appreciated the humanity of my daily thoughts. I loved her choice of words, though I must admit that the wellbeing of others is not my primary concern in writing this blog. Allow me to explain.

Another special friend asked me around the same time if I wrote more for myself or for my readers. I answered “both” initially, but then realized after thinking about it for a few moments that I should have answered “neither.” The fact that my daily meditations bring joy, rest or food for further thought to me and those who read my posts regularly or on occasion is certainly gratifying and encouraging, but it is not my prime motivation for writing what I do day in and day out.

I write first and foremost because I am concerned to help the spirit of love find rest in the heart of the earth. The fulfillment of my fellows – friends, family and the rest – are in this sense secondary. That said, each and every one of you has the potential to provide a womb for the spirit of love in your heart and mind.

Believe it or not, love needs a womb in which it can gestate before being born into expression on earth. Love does not travel haphazardly through the universe, providing random blessings to whomever or whatever it bumps into; it is always purposeful and in the case of the earth, a specifically designed mechanism, human consciousness, allows for its transformation and eventual materialization.

I do hope, dear friends, that my daily posts compel a deeper and broader empathy on your part, not so that you will run out and start evangelically serving other people, but so that you might create a safer, less troubled and more fertile womb in yourself for the spirit of love.

Instead of musing about what you might see were you to see through another’s eyes, think of what you might see were you to look through love’s eyes. We have a lot of work to do. But that’s why you’re here, that’s why I’m here…so let’s get to it!

9 thoughts on “Why I write

  1. Steve V

    Your words open a portal into a realm that provides so much more than we could ever imagine in terms of knowing a womb for ourselves as well as increasingly extending it into the earth. It is very interesting to acknowledge as we place providing a womb for love as a foremost priority we in turn are given so much more. Here is an internal transformation that extends increasingly outward. As a result bringing estatic fulfillment.


  2. Lady Leo

    Your thoughts brought to mind the Biblical story oh Noah. At that point it appears there were few who we’re taking their part in this mechanism. It was said of man that..”every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” On the other hand Noah was described as being…”a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.”
    I believe what you’re describing is the way we walk with God. Playing our part in creation by providing in our hearts and minds a place where love can transform the Earth, to take its part in continual creation. I love your blog! It’s sometimes flood like to me as I look at a subject with new eyes, born of my willingness to let love gestate in my heart and thoughts. Thanks.


  3. Ernest

    We do have a lot of work to do, and it is an inspiring piece of work to be in the process of doing. Your daily posts provide so much value and inspiration, and I am always grateful for the significant starting points that you provide as well. It seems to me that this is a lifetime process and one that deserves our all on a constant basis.


  4. David R

    I appreciate this clarification as to motive, because it applies to each of us. To be the servants of love we cannot at the same time be the servants of people, even though we do serve others gladly! This is not a dichotomy, because when we are true to the nature of love, we cannot help but serve others on whatever basis of receptiveness may be the fact. Should we become subject to the needs and concerns of others, however, so that our motivation strays from the central current of love’s command, we lose focus, purpose and effectiveness. Your reference touches the very core of right motivation.


  5. Colin

    Thank you very much for writing this post. You have spent the last four years allowing this particular expression of love to come through you and to touch many people, and that is more than most people do in a lifetime. Your posts have consistently inspired me to remember that my value at the center is unassailably pure, but that my value as a person on this earth is tied directly to the consistency and quality of the love that I create a place for in my day to day thoughts and actions. This knowledge gives me the perfect starting point every day to foster a more perfect womb for love than I did the day prior.


  6. Beth C

    Love is not random or capricious. Love is constant and purposeful finding inventive release wherever there is the means to do so. It is a good question to ask myself – did I give love a place to be today?


  7. Joy

    It is your love for the spirit of love that keeps me reading. It always amazes me how multi faceted true blessings are, giving such wonderful evidence of the inherent generosity of life. Your first love inspires me to ever refine my first love. Thank you Gregg.


  8. Isabelle

    This is exactly what I love about your blog. It always has a greater purpose than what you might think! Thank you for sharing your vision and what is behind why you write.


  9. Troy

    This indeed is a Nobel and worthy motivation. Giving the spirit of love a place to rest his head, a womb of protection in the Earth is the starting point, from there transformation can begin. I know that with a deep and abiding committment to this one truth, serving others is a natural result.


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