The Power of Love

There is but one power, one creative force in the universe: the power of love. That power can be put to constructive or degenerative purposes; how it is used determines the nature of its manifestation. As such, good and evil both spring from love.

Man’s heart is by nature a transformer. The central purpose of mankind as a whole and every man as an individual is to step-down the (purposeful and higher voltage) currents of love in relation to the daily affairs of living.

The question each one must ask himself is this: How can I make most creative use of the power I feel moving through my heart in this moment?

8 thoughts on “The Power of Love

  1. Colin

    This question is the central question that every person must answer. It must become a habit to think and feel this question, every moment of every day. The answer might not be what you expected, but it will surely make life one of outward radiance if you answer it honestly moment by moment.


  2. David R

    Your post today could provide food for creative meditation for a lifetime! It is sad how easily people tend to imagine that they have comprehended love, relegating it to this or that compartment, when the truth of love is infinite, inclusive and relevant to every moment, every motivation, every outcome. To translate love into the newness of life is the challenge and the gift of each moment – a simple way to view an endless topic!


  3. Steve V

    In considering your question it is interesting to observe the power that is at hand in any given moment. When there is an ebb of flow of power there may be a perception that something is wrong and that something must be done to get motivated. It is good to cultivate an understanding of what it means to go with the flow. To appreciate whatever power that is at hand whether seemingly a lot or a little and let what can be done accordingly without strife and with grace and ease.


  4. Beth C

    Transforming the power of love into the world- when you put it this way what an awesome responsibility we each have. We could also ask ourselves the question- how accurately did I allow love’s character to flow today ? Did I let it move beyond my heart without being reshaped by echoes of the past or selfish concerns? Lots to think about in this.


  5. Isabelle

    I loved your description of the heart being a transformer. We each need to be diligent and consider the words, feelings and actions that we make as this has a direct correlation to the nature of our heart. If we’re not happy what what’s coming out, we can change that. By orienting to something greater than ourselves and dedicating ourselves to living a righteous life, our hearts will have the freedom and power to affect amazing change.


  6. Troy

    This question you have posed is pivotal as it can be the difference for each of us as individuals as to who and what we represent today and every day. This post is a direct opportunity to allow myself to be conscious as I move out into my world of what my true rola and purpose is in the world. If we are to be harbingers of love and representatives of as above so is below, we must check our filters daily to ensure that he power pulsing through us is creative, always! Thanks Gregg


  7. Coco

    The heart is the point where creation begins for human beings. This point is crucial to understand. Right now the heart can be conditioned to fuel my higher nature or the opposite. I think this is where the mind helps to guide how the powerful currents of the heart are used. Judgement will perverse this power. It’s purity is known through blessing, kindness, understanding and righteousness. The biggest mistake mankind makes is when they think this is the weak response. When the heart allows the purity of love to create on Earth, watch out, because the assistance from the Omnipotent can flow freely. That’s when the unimagined or the only dreamed of can become a reality for mankind. Thank you for another worthy consideration to assist my heart’s inclination today.


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