The Realm of Being

Having written a post every day now for the past four plus years, I am convinced that a mind conscious of right can overcome the inertia of mediocrity and evil in the world we share, the world we create through our thoughts, words and deeds. Your personal stories of overcoming challenges (both internal and in your field of circumstance) have been deeply gratifying, but I would be remiss were I not to give thanks for the source of inspiration, the mercurial spirits which somehow trumpet the notes which inspire me to write to you each and every day.

There is no way more fulfilling than to live life from the inside out. Unfortunately, man’s successes in the field of achieving have resulted in a yawning deficit in the realm of being. Most know that they should know more about their inner selves, but few pause long enough, ponder quietly enough, inquire honestly and earnestly enough, to ever discover the limitless riches of this realm.

Each one must determine for himself the degree to which he opens the window which connects his inner realm (heaven, if you will) to the world beyond. When this window is shut, a man must exert himself strenuously to achieve. Moreover, he does so at great risk to himself and others, for his course is charted by wit and not by wisdom, as wisdom is a sensitivity to the coordinating impulses which sound from within outward, or put otherwise, above downward.

When this window is open, however, the desolation of disconnection gives way to the joy of fitting in – not just in one’s little world, but with the grand design of the cosmos. The veil is lifted and the world opens before those who dedicate themselves to living from the inside out. The mysteries of life and the mystery of God are dispelled one by one as each new revelation washes over his heart and mind, and life, slowly, but surely, begins to make sense.

10 thoughts on “The Realm of Being

  1. Troy

    This post warranted for me personally, a depth of consideration and time to meditate in it’s message. Your commitment to love, truth and radiant living has brought about not only a new awareness and open window for yourself but for all of us who read your introspections daily. The source of the power that lies within us is radiant and it is love in perfection. We each have the key to releasing this one within from the individual prisons of self centeredness and disconnection. You mentioned honest and earnest introspection as steps that can lead to this wisdom that will and can coordinate us all within the design. I know that self centers manhandling of factors has never brought about the enlightened state so desperately longed for. The veils that was so lovingly placed between man and heaven was designed to protect as the power of love moving through a broken container, as we have seen is devestating. Your diligence is proof to us all that a state of balance, wisdom, freedom and connection to heaven is real, practical and attainable. We just need to be willing to release self centered control and relax into the I pulses that will naturally be received once the struggle abates. Thank you on behalf of all the radiant beings who seek to live and have righteous dominion in the Earth.


  2. Colin

    What has become clear to me is that not only do we need to stop and spend the time to reflect on our inner selves, but that reflection should become part of our everyday achievement as well. Otherwise it is just another way that we become self-centered. Your many posts on living radiantly tie in so well with the posts on inner-discovery. If you do not learn who you really are, you will spend your life in a needless struggle. If, however, you spend your life only looking inward, you will never achieve what is needed. The balanced life is the one that we should be living, and your posts of the last four years encompass the path to that balance.


  3. David R

    We are blessed with the consistency and quality of what shines through your window, Gregg, but our returning appreciation can only really manifest through our own windows! Abiding in sensitive and balanced reception, strategically ignoring and rejecting the jabbering of the unreal, we tend a place of sacredness through which the powerful and lovely things of reality may manifest. On this basis we discover and naturally share the One Way. It’s a privilege to walk in that Way with you.


  4. Joy

    Ah Gregg, I revere your ability to not only capture the mecurial spirits that call you, but your profound capacity to harvest and proliferate “reality”. The Truth whenever expressed is never lost and your daily blog gives wonderful evidence of that. I love and am so deeply thankful for the opportunity you offer me, each day, to live from the inside out, for the opportunity you offer me to make a real difference in this world, to refine my heart so that I am increasingly available to what streams eternally from above in blessing to my world.


  5. Steve V

    Your words today are a capstone for the ever continuing revelation of true being and are most deeply appreciated. You have articulated today a succinct summary for the purpose of our lives. There is nothing like feeling connected to the grand design of the cosmos and the wonder and joy it brings. Your words match up with a deeper realization of the work I do as a chiropractor since it’s guiding principle is defined as above down inside out. Your words further inspire me to assist others to so live as well as myself. The wonder of your words have been a gift indeed for the greater revelation of my purpose being fulfilled on earth.


  6. Beth C

    The wise are filled with unbidden wisdom and the inspired with unexpected inspiration. These flow, however, through channels that are carefully and lovingly tended. Thank you for your beautiful post.


  7. Ernest

    Wow – four years already! And I like others both look forward to your daily posts and am inspired by them. You as always are right on today and what you outline I realize is a process that should be natural but with the world being what it is today we instead must make the deliberate choice in each and every moment to live from the inside out. Certainly I have and continue to learn the value of each moment in my living, and have also learned that it seems to be more natural to live the way that you point out when one is always focused on providing value as their first priority instead of a what’s in it for me attitude.


  8. Lady Leo

    I am so appreciative of your consistent, righteously compelling, posts. There is no automatic pilot for living. I am deliberate in my quest to live in concert with the rhythms of creation. I am also painfully aware of the evil that seems to have asserted a place for itself in our present world. I don’t look at it as a battle, as the command was to resist not evil. I do realize it requires constant effort to keep my resonance with the pulsations of love. They are always available to my heart, as I make that my first priority. This takes creating those times when I deliberately set my focus on what I am filling my heart and mind with. Your daily posts have helped me to set that inclination. I am convinced that the heart seeks entrainment with something and I’ve chosen to make the out pouring of someone’s higher nature one of my daily considerations. Thank you.


  9. Isabelle

    First of all, thank you for the daily posts that you have written every day for four+ years! What you are describing here is something so personal, so unique to each one, that unless we actually allow that window to be open, we will never truly understand what you are speaking of. The world is filled with amazing people who have great intentions to help others and make a difference and they can, but there is a limit. What we really need is a world of people who are willing to let go of their personal concerns, even if they’re good intentions and focus on how to let that window open – as this is the real source of power and change.


  10. Carrie I read your post today I had such a thankfulness for what you do provide every day in this blog. I have not posted often but I do read it every single day and I want to express my gratitude to you for the openness in which you share daily giving those who of us who read it a chance to become better people in the best way we can. We all have choices to make in our lives and how we live it, you give us a chance to see and hopefully live in a way that is not always seen in the worlds around us. I open myself to the wonderful inspiration waiting for me and accept it with an open heart and a willingness to make that connection a wonderful one not just for myself but those I touch every day.


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