Most Sacred

Every man must determine for himself what he holds to be most sacred. Some men set their hearts on achievement, others on procurement. Some love their lives to the end, others lay down their lives for their friends. Some long for attention, others anonymity. The centering of one’s heart, it seems, rests on the individual.

What a man longs for – not what he declares in his words, but what he reveals in the uniform tenor of his living – gives evidence of that which he holds most sacred.

8 thoughts on “Most Sacred

  1. Colin

    While you can hide what you truly hold sacred from yourself by self-deception, or by cognitive dissonance, etc., if you really examine what you do on a daily basis you can find what you hold most sacred by its evidence. If you find what you think you hold most sacred does not match up to that evidence, you have a choice to make. You can do what most do and hide yourself in shame, or you can do what very few have done and align both.


  2. Steve V

    The experience we have is a consequence of what we are holding sacred. As the steps are taken to cross the line of knowing and living a life that is truly of the sacred we are gifted with an increasing pure and untainted experience that serves as a blessing to our world’s.


  3. David R

    I suppose there are two factors here: what is held sacred or assumed to be sacred, and what actually IS sacred. Assuming something to be sacred doesn’t make it so, nor does ignoring something sacred lessen the sacredness of that quality or thing. A case could be made that all the world’s troubles center in this one thing with two parts – ignorance of what is sacred and the willingness to hold sacred things sacred. The implications of this principle are enough to occupy each of us for a lifetime!


  4. Beth C

    What is at the center of the heart will color and shape our lives regardless of efforts to disguise or justify the effects. The effort would be better spent on honest examination of what we truly hold sacred than on attempts to obscure that from others or even from ourselves.


  5. Carmen

    I have heard this described as an individual being’s “center”. And from that center, all that you are will manifest, whether it be thoughts, or actions, or emotions. All spiral forth from that birthing point. What do you hold as your own center?


  6. Isabelle

    The is very true! We can talk all day, but when it comes down to it, it’s our actions that reveal what is in the depth of our heart and motivations.


  7. Lady Leo

    How true. As each person looks to himself the work begins. I believe each one has a divine commission that should propel and set the inclination of our lives. Since each is unique there really is no level playing field; no one course that every man should walk. This is where our comparisons stifle and our blanket approaches leave little room for the sacred. Our lives are the modality that allows the sacred to give shape and form to what is created on Earth. This is our unique contribution to the Divine’s plan.


  8. Troy

    The truth of who we are and what we hold dear is always revealed through our deeds. It’s an important reminder to look deeper into the quality of our individual lives .


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