Eternal Vigilance

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” –  Thomas Jefferson

Liberty comes whenever truth and love are balanced in the expression of life. Love without truth is fire that will soon become an inferno. Truth without love is a cold and desolate place. When the power of love is conditioned and contained within the matrix of truth, abundant, flowing vibrant life surges forth.

Life is meant to manifest according to the pattern of “As above, so below. As inside, so without,” but much in the world as we know it is arranged in such a way that “above” and “inside” are rarely considered and even less often understood. Moreover, there is much in the world which will pull a man from living within the pattern of love and truth.

The liberty you’ve long sought is immediately at hand. But take heed: it cannot be gotten; it must be revealed from the inside out, or put otherwise, from above down. You must be eternally vigilant, watchful that you let your heart be filled only with love and your mind be governed only by truth. In so doing you rise out of the confused and pathetic state of self-centered madness and into a state of radiant, balanced and purposeful living.

10 thoughts on “Eternal Vigilance

  1. David R

    Every appropriate expression is a balance of love and truth, and that balance moves dynamically and constantly. Vigilance indicates a watchful, honest and flexible concern as opposed to the rigid and structured attitudes so often embraced as a substitute for righteousness. To be conscious and alert, free of prejudice and willing to make difficult choices – these are qualities of character that must be non-negotiable if we are to be apertures for the balanced beauty of love and truth in the expression of life.


  2. Beth C

    The right to govern the state of our own heart is our greatest source of liberty and cannot be taken from us. Why surrender this right thoughtlessly? Thanks for the reminder to be vigilant.


  3. Ernest

    The wonderful thing about what you share with us today Gregg is that all of this is our choice. That means that each of us, regardless or our circumstances, can make the minute by minute choices to live our life as righteous individuals. These choices are such a gift to each of us and I for one treasure it and am deeply grateful for it constantly.


  4. Troy

    This is all about genuine honest reflection of the heart. Strength, willingness and mental gymnastics will not free us without purity of heart no matter how hard we work, how many books or blogs we read. Sometimes the simple seems so difficult but as this post is contemplated and a release of self centered concerns gives way to love and truth, a new way of living can begin. I reflect daily now on the quality of my expression and level of joy I have experienced or provided. This is a great measure to reveal the truth of my alignment with love and truth. You can’t fake true radiance and here the truth is revealed. Thanks for your daily commitment to lift others through your own living and intimate processes.


    1. Carol

      I really appreciate your comments Troy. I, too, reflect on my expression daily but never thought about it in terms of joy experienced or given. That’s a good indicator to see where our orientation is. Thanks!


  5. Coco

    Purposeful living is the desired result, so discovering our individual purpose is essential. I’ve realized we can have many purposes but understanding our central or core purpose and imbuing that with our love and attention naturally creates a dynamic life that is connected to supporting our priority. It does all begin with what we entertain in our heart and seek with our mind; then there is a constant correction required to stay on course. The vigilance is not a slavery to truth but a compulsion to it born of love.


  6. Carol

    It’s a mistake to think that nothing needs to be done to stay attuned to love and truth. Someone once described it to me as “stoking the fire.” When the madness of wrong attitudes start to creep in, we have a choice. We can read this blog or something uplifting, or turn to someone who is also interested in expressing their highest to keep our orientation upward. It does take vigilance but this is not a difficult thing to ask of ourselves. It’s difficult only when you give into the madness!


  7. Isabelle

    Everyone wants freedom, but most are not willing to do what it takes to really know what that means. One fact, is that no matter where you go, you will always be there (along with what’s in your heart, your mind, your habits, etc.). I really appreciate the emphasis on vigilance. It takes caring more for this than anything else in order to live a life that is truly liberated from the shackles of such things as hate, apathy, instability, and self-centeredness.


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