Morning Pentalogue

1. How much pain have cost you imagined evils which never came to be? It is always torturous to extrapolate from a faith in lack and the presumption of failure.

2. Never mourn the living. Savor the present forms through which the light of eternal life surges.

3. Beneath the tormented man darts a light-hearted sparrow which cares not for its tomorrows and dwells not in vain regrets of the past. Live now.

4. Perfect love casts out all fear. Worry is faith in the unreal, a sequela of incomplete love.

5. Inside every man is a heart which echoes the coordinating rhythms of the cosmos. So live that they might stop running from it and start moving to it.

7 thoughts on “Morning Pentalogue

  1. Joshua

    Your points have proven very helpful in navigating today, which marks the beginning of an exciting journey into a different country, far from the familiar.
    Worry, and fear, warnings of dangers, and what if’s have emerged with increasing frequency. My stance however has remained the same, a deep and abiding faith in reality, relax, be still, all will be better that way, and if not you’ll be in a better position to handle what does come.
    How deeply I love reality!


  2. Colin

    There is much more reason for hope in the world than for discouragement. We are constantly bombarded with the raging turbulence that is our human condition, and that turbulence creates a state where we feel cut off and alone. Can a sailor see the vast ocean during a vicious storm, or is he so focused on the ship that his vision is myopic? It is the same in our hearts, where they must be stilled to see the true beauty and hope that constantly surrounds us.


  3. Beth C

    The sun comes out and everything looks quite different. Worries,regrets, and fears are not what they seemed. No struggle – just a change in luminosity.


  4. Troy

    These are great words to meditate on first thing in the morning . It could be the difference between being a blessing in the lives of others today or being caught in the web of fear and worry, kidnapped from the present moment and placed in the cell of unreality. I had a conversation along these lines yesterday with an employee who was unusually distant. She was caught in that web and pondering concerns for a future that did not exist yet, lost in the worry and fear of things that may never in fact come into existence.

    Her bright light was temporarily dimmed, but as she was reminded to let go of her faith in lack and fear…. It was like someone turned the dimmer switch up and out came the light. I appreciate your willingness to turn up the dimmer switch for myself and all your readers. It’s amazing the difference one change of heart can make in the world around us. We can change the world, it is doable. It starts in each of our hearts first. Thanks!


  5. Coco

    Recognizing the Divine in ourselves and others changes perspective on everything else. Having faith and trust in the power of the Divine has become, I believe, because of the unnaturalness of the world we live in; a practiced and deliberate experience. I do reinforce to my heart and mind by daily contemplation, reading and putting in practice, the tenets that I know put my heart in the position that it can become entrained with the universal rhythms. The heart and mind will coalesce with something and mankind’s default has become so intolerably base that it takes a deliberate effort to rise above it. Thank you for your consistent effort to make it easier to rise above.


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