When you dig into the stories of medical researchers like microbiologist Gaston Naessens or physician/biochemist Stanislaw Burzynski, who in the course of making some amazing discoveries were vilified for lack of the “right” medical credentials, you see how bureaucracy has the potential and the capability of suppressing innovation. Have we really become so rigid in our approach to innovation, so narrow-minded with respect to the revelation of human potential?

Consider the life of Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone, who you may know as Saint Francis of Assisi. Here was arguably one of the most venerated religious figures history, but did you know he was never ordained to the Catholic priesthood?

Sometimes labels are just labels.


7 thoughts on “Labels

  1. Mary t

    When you can drop the labels and experience things just as they are, you will experience a whole new world. Played with that yesterday with the labels of good and bad. It feels much better without either.


    1. Gregg Hake

      I agree, Mary! Right always eventually prevails, so there is no need to consume ourselves – literally and figuratively – with judgment. Thanks for your comment and glad it changed your day!


  2. Joy

    The expression of the truth of love does not require a college degree and lack there of is no hindrance. I appreciate the fact that through the ages there has been a constant stream of blessed ones who let love radiate without concern for results.


  3. Coco

    I’ve noticed that many lables relegated to people appear to be a warning lable, often given out of fear, hate or ignorance. Having an open mind begins with the heart.


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