Beautiful Harmony

“The unlike is joined together, and from differences results the most beautiful harmony.” – Heraclitus

I’ve observed over time that strong managers possess an uncommon ability to discover harmonies that others might have overlooked in the accomplishment of a purpose. They find subtle, yet effective ways to massage disparate resources and people into a harmonious whole. Their task is made easier by their ability to define from the onset the ideal conditions by which that purpose might be accomplished. In so doing they are able to prioritize which pieces of the puzzle are most important to have in place.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Harmony

  1. Steve V

    It is intriguing to think on what conditions are to be in place internally within our minds and hearts for harmony to be first known and then applied to the management of our external worlds.


  2. Lady Leo

    Strong managers are able to see the value of the individual and set the example of not getting bogged down by their possible limitations.


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