Good Order

“Good order is the foundation of all things.” – Edmund Burke

I’ve often found it helpful to take a few minutes to organize things. It helps make for more pleasant surroundings but, more importantly, it sets the stage for things to be made new.

Clutter – physical or mental – frustrates the flow of newness. But don’t be mistaken, order is not a static, lifeless thing. It is organic, living, flexible and apposite to the factors at hand.


3 thoughts on “Good Order

  1. Joy

    I have always found that when things are in order it allows one to rest more internally as well as externally. Reading your daily posts is for me, a part of the order that delights my day!


  2. Steve V

    I appreciate your life view of good order as something organic and flexible and apt to the circumstances at hand. I recognize how obsession and angst has played a role in trying to bring “good order” which also frustrates the flow of life for actual renewal. To think on bringing order with joy with what could be done according to the circumstances and time at hand is refreshing and renewing. Thank you again for providing a radiance seed for generative fun living.


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