Unity and Consistency

A group of MBA students from Brenau University toured several of my companies yesterday. According to Dr. Bill Lightfoot, Dean of the College of Business and Mass Communications, our vertically integrated family of companies are something of a rarity in our area, so the students were excited to see firsthand what we do in our manufacturing facility, wholesale distribution company and retail location.

Dr. Lightfoot asked me to share why I have built the various companies I have over the years and I explained that they all grew organically out of a desire to make the world a healthier place. Thinking about his question later, I saw that much of our success could be traced back to a unity and consistency of purpose. I realize now, more fully than ever, that as an entrepreneur you have to be rooted – deeply rooted – in a well-articulated purpose if you are to weather the inevitable storms which come your way.

I hope that the students enjoyed themselves and that the visit kindled new thoughts about their future careers. For me, the time we spent together strengthened my resolve to fulfill my life purpose. Thank you, Dr. Lightfoot et al!

7 thoughts on “Unity and Consistency

  1. Carol

    I know it has been challenging at times for you Gregg, but even so, you’ve accomplished a lot because of your willingness to work with those challenges. You just gave the key – keep purpose at the fore and not the issues that arise from time to time. That’s a good thing to remember when things get tough. I also appreciate your comment to Lady Leo. She has been a very thoughtful contributor and a good example of someone who knows what’s important. Not responding when something stirs you is like not saying thank you for a gift you’ve been given that you absolutely love. I don’t want to be one of those! Thank you.


  2. Carol

    It delights my heart to hear this Gregg. What a great opportunity for the students and fun for you too! It’s so good to encourage young people to think about what their purpose might be and begin to move in that direction. So much time can be wasted working in jobs that don’t resonate. You’ve kept that sense of purpose close as it’s reflected in your blog. I’ll bet your companies have contributed to the health of many!


    1. Gregg Hake

      Thank you, Carol. It hasn’t been without its challenges but nothing valuable ever is. I have relished every moment I’ve spent working with friends and family at Energetix, Anakiri, The Spa on Green Street, One Company Resources and our other companies – not because everything I’ve had to do along the way was, is or will be enjoyable, right up my alley or easy – but because at the end of the day I know I have been and will continue to be true to my life’s purpose. Even if it were to all end today, I would feel that we accomplished something meaningful, valuable in this mad world through these corporate vehicles. At this point hundreds of thousands of lives have been touched and made slightly or in many cases significantly better by virtue of the tireless efforts of my precious associates, past and present. And that to me is something worth getting up early and going to bed late for!


  3. Lady Leo

    Being deeply rooted in a well articulated purpose is a great way to describe what it provides in every arena of life. It gives us the stability to withstand the inevitable ups, downs and pressures contained in any endeavor and relationship. I dare say it would always produce something of a rarity! Wonderful example for the students to see.


    1. Gregg Hake

      Thanks LL. I like to think of a clear sense of purpose as the keel in the boat of your life experience. Like the keel in a boat, a clear sense of purpose serves as the basic foundation for the structure and as a result it provides the major source of structural strength of a person’s character.

      That said, it is much more than just a structural element! A clear sense of purpose also gives a person greater directional control and stability. In a sailboat the keel helps convert the sideways motion of the wind when it is abeam into forward motion. And how often do people lose forward momentum when the crosswinds start blowing!?! This only occurs where there is a lack of a clear sense of purpose. This is not just a mental exercise (“Yes, I get that. I’ve heard it a thousand times.”). A clear sense of purpose cuts through any distraction – want, worry, fear, doubt…you name it.

      Thanks again for your comment and for regularly contributing thoughtful and original comments to my posts! It means a lot to me when I hear more than just echoes (or worse, silence!) to my daily meditations.


    1. Gregg Hake

      Thanks Kai. These haven’t been the easiest years of my professional life, with the Great Recession and all, but I thank my lucky stars that I have so many good people working with me to make the world a better place.


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