What’s in it for Him?

Examine a man’s prayers and you will see how he relates to God.

If he asks for things (e.g. serenity, courage, wisdom, peace, confidence, good weather, rain, good fortune, one last chance, etc), he sees himself as being separate from God. If, however, he seizes upon prayer as an opportunity to radiate the blessings of God into the earth of his present circumstances, he sees himself as being one with God.

The former asks God “What’s in it for me?”; the latter asks himself: “What’s in it for Him?”

5 thoughts on “What’s in it for Him?

  1. klp

    As usual, we typically do/see things backwards as human beings! This should be the norm and not the exception in prayer and our approach to life.


  2. Joy

    I sit in my living room this wintery morning and watch the sun rise through naked boughs. If this great orb graciously radiates its warmth to the just and unjust, then surely God’s will would be that I do likewise.


  3. Coco

    Thank you for such a blessed perspective. Asking for some type of blessing has always felt out of balance to me. I’ve been inclined to appreciate and thank, but that can have the feeling of separation as well. This is taking responsibility for being a part of how God blesses.


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