Through Heaven’s Eyes

What would your world look like were you to view it through heaven’s eyes?

Would your perspective be any different? Would your heart soften? Would you be less judgmental, more forgiving? Would your vision expand? Would your sense of the eternal grow and the confines of your present circumstances recede?

To see through heaven’s eyes your identity must shift inward. You must loosen your grip on the world around you while clarifying your concern for its well being. You must quickly and graciously shed any hint of prejudice, fear, worry, greed, self- concern or the need for a sign to confirm your faith.

This is how you begin to see through heaven’s eyes. This is how rise out of the state of occasional brilliance and into the state of being perfect in all your ways.

3 thoughts on “Through Heaven’s Eyes

  1. David R

    So many suffer from the conviction that there is no higher perspective than that of human beings – a conviction that breeds a peculiar mixture of conceit and desperation. Letting go – not just of the petty things that destroy vision and noble motivation, but TO the ever-present vision and perspective of Heaven…you have brought attention to such a critical matter!


  2. Steve V

    As we come into a state of seeing through heaven’s eyes we know the reality of trust that whatever earthly needs we may have will be filled to over flowing as we are attending to generating the genuine substance of heaven in all of our living.


  3. Lady Leo

    What precious ideas. Perspective can block the sun out with a penny or open Heaven’s vista with a few words! It is always a personal choice.


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