On the table

If you think about it, every waking moment of your day is an opportunity to exercise your free will. If you are conscious, alert and radiantly influencing the world you center, you are exercising free will. If you are droning along mindlessly, zoned-out or reacting out of habit, you are likely interacting with the world around you on a more subconscious, automatic basis and are therefore largely unaware of the choices you are making.

What percent of your free will would you say you leave on the table?

5 thoughts on “On the table

  1. David R

    Often we hear stories of someone jolted awake by a near-death experience. That would tend to indicate that most of us spend our waking moments sleeping! Seeing through the eyes of reality, how many moments can any of us afford to waste in a dream state?


  2. Steve V

    Such a question rattles the subconscious. In observing how much life has been wasted by such a thought brings humility and a sense of newness to dedication to living a conscious life.


  3. Joy

    I would like to say none but I know that’s not true, suffice to say I am increasingly aware of exercising my free will to allowing the mundane to be imbued with reality. I am grateful for the impact your blog has in helping me stay in the here and now.


  4. Kai Newell

    Considering the alternative to freedom is to be enslaved or imprisoned, I consider this an essential meditation as to how I am using my God given gift of free will. Thank you!


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