Man’s Chief Purpose

Man’s chief purpose is the connection of that which is called heaven – the invisible realm of love, truth and life from which visible creation springs – to the earth. Man is endowed with heart, mind and body; when properly aligned, this outer trinity provides the means by which the inner three “spirits” are given outer, visible form on earth, as it is in heaven.

We are not here to give ourselves mindlessly to an omniscient and omnipotent God or gods, neither are we here to simply play out a predetermined fate, without choice or say in the matter. We need not empty our minds or numb our hearts to participate wisely in creation; in fact, a keen mind and a supple heart are vital to our participation in ongoing creation.

We are creators. We are each capable of “feeling” the invisible currents which flow purposefully through the universe. When we are sufficiently quiet in our hearts, we perceive them: first in our hearts, then in our minds. The heart is thus the point at which invisible wisdom crosses over into the level of creation in which we dwell and for which we are responsible.

That which is conceived in wisdom is fitting. The timely thought, the mot juste and the right action at the right time are all evidence of the oneness of heaven and earth. Most of that which is conceived by humanity is disjointed, ill-timed and must be forced to fit in relation to the immediate factors, let alone the larger unfolding pattern through which every moment is born. Hence the conflict, unrelieved tension and malaise which seem to define the human experience.

4 thoughts on “Man’s Chief Purpose

  1. Joy

    Entraining the heart to me certainly is the key, we can not harbour attitudes of hate, lies and decay and kid ourselves that such attitudes will create order and beauty. Thank you Gregg for the opportunity to meditate on reality.


  2. David R

    The profound implications of your post today are also so simple. If we accept this basic premise, even on a tentative basis, what a world of understanding begins to unfold!

    It is not difficult to comprehend the great mysteries of life if we embrace a new basis of understanding and begin to live on that basis.


  3. Coco

    The heart is really the crucial point. We can work diligently in educating the mind but it seems in vain if the heart is not first entrained by love.


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