My youngest son, William, was singing a quiet little song when I checked in on him during his bath last evening. Here’s how the conversation went…

Me: Everything ok, William? Are you having a peaceful bath?

William: Yes, daddy. I’m just singing a song I wrote.

Me: I heard you singing, what is the song about?

William: It’s called “Why” and it’s about the world.

Me: That’s nice, William. Why what?

William: Daddy, why does the world have to be this way?

Me: What do you mean, William?

William: So messed up. So hard on everybody.

Me: Good question, William.

William: I mean, I thought it would be easier. It should be easier.

Me: I agree, William.

William: Then why?

Me: It’s simple, William. Love and truth are no longer in command.

William: What do you mean?

Me: Well, until love is in charge nothing on earth will be as it should be. Only when love and truth fill people’s hearts and minds will the earth and everything in it be safe again. Then and only then.

William: Thanks Daddy. We can do something about that.

Me: Yes, we can, William. That’s the most important thing a man or woman can do on earth.

6 thoughts on “Why?

  1. David R

    So precious! And what a blessing for an inquisitive child to find wise and simple answers from his father that also answer his compulsion to make a difference!


  2. Carmen

    God Bless William! And all of the other children who still can see things clearly, they are the hope for a better world. And may Love and Truth one day reign in the hearts of all of us.


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