You’re as big as you feel

You’re as big as you feel. When you feel good about yourself and your situation, you feel “larger than life.” When you feel constricted, down and out or that the world’s against you, you feel small, if not insignificant.

Why is that?

Your sense of self is a function of radiance and radiance is a function of alignment. When your body, mind and heart are aligned and not at odds, more of your inner “light” shines through. That radiance can extend beyond the limits of your physical body. In other words, you can be filled with that light to overflowing.

How big you feel is less a function of physical size than it is a recognition of the extent to which your light is shining. Your inner light does not vary in intensity; your heart, mind and body offer various levels of opacity.

Heaven, God, your inner being, etc. are never withdrawn, never far away. They are always, as it was once so eloquently put, “at hand.”

2 thoughts on “You’re as big as you feel

  1. Steve V

    Your words point to a wholistic perspective. I see it pertinent to ourselves as individuals and for anyone interested to serve others especially health care providers. It is good to acknowledge the light in ourselves and those we are with. I call it seeing through the window of body mind and heart.


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