Work by Thinking

I don’t want to have riders who tire themselves out. Work by thinking instead.” – Nuno Oliveira

Working without thinking reduces the human being to the level of robotic function. Just as a thinking rider will progress more quickly than one who follows and imposes a rigid pattern upon his horse, a thinking worker will see ways in which he can improve the performance of his task. In so doing, he makes the whole in which his part is contained more efficient.

More valuable than he who simply says “It is done” upon the completion of some task or project is he who says “It is done and I also made it easier for the next person to complete the same.”

One thought on “Work by Thinking

  1. Lady Leo

    Working with a person who is able to bring expediency to a task without sacrificing the quality of the result is always a pleasure. The satisfaction of a job well done is multiplied when you’ve been able to improve the process as well.


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