A Child Again

A Child Again by Gregg Hake

O’ to be a child again-
Without the coats of fear and sin,
By words not spoken.

Free to run and leap and play
Without the weight of yesterday.

O’ to be a child again-
Undaunted by the Christ within,
My heart ne’er broken.

What’s that you say, young man, my son?
‘Slow down, speak up, you’ve just begun.’

Though I, a man, am far from youth,
I’m ne’er afraid to hear the truth!

4 thoughts on “A Child Again

  1. Zach

    Really understanding the truth requires innocence. Just because you have lived in the world does not mean that innocence cannot be retained or regained. We can all learn from the way children interact with the world.


  2. David R

    Such precious vision portrayed here! Yearning for innocence lost is perhaps better than the numbed condition that allows for no real repentance or change, because it is a starting point that recognizes possibility. From that starting point one must make a choice, either to give in to morbid fascination with the void or to forgive and release. Opportunities can certainly be lost, often needlessly, but life is remarkably forgiving and gracious if we can see the starting points and appreciate them as they are now.


  3. Coco

    I love your poetry. There is a poignancy in the maturing process when innocence is replaced with a spirit and attitude born of the absence of the Christ spirit. When the truth is expressed, innocence along with humility and wonder are possible at every age.


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